"Captain, someone is jumping on the trail!" Cold-blooded exclaim one, and then he was shot in the head by the sneak attack behind him, followed by suffering. I winked at him, and the club had already killed two people. Dong Laoer reacted fairly quickly and quickly, flashing the meteor behind the middle door, so he jumped directly to the right and posted the whole person on the wall.

Ye Qing turned around and saw the man in the middle door flash to the left B hole. Obviously, the other party didn’t dare to rush out directly. This is not always a strong Feng Xiao style. People should not be Feng Xiao. The biggest possibility is that Qinglong wants Feng Xiao to come. Ye Qing doesn’t worry about beating Qinglong. It should be in the trail defense. After hearing Xiaodong’s feedback, he jumped directly from the alley to sneak attack.
Feng Xiao may be on the platform, but it is estimated that it is time to come to the middle of the road. I don’t know where he will come from. Ye Qing doesn’t want to guess that he wants to kill Qinglong in hole B now. On the one hand, he is cold-blooded and revengeful, on the other hand, he also allows the other party to wreck a person.
"You stay outside the middle door and don’t touch. People will work with him directly, but you have to do it! I’m going to clean up the sneak attacker in hole B! " Ye Qing said to Dong Laoer and Meteor, and he rushed directly into the goalkeeper Dong Laoer and Meteor and left them outside the middle door.
Two people suddenly have a feeling of what to do. Without the leaf tilting in their hearts, there would be no bottom leaf tilting. After entering the middle door, they rushed directly into the B hole. Qinglong was overcast at the right side of the B hole. Leaf tilting can also guess that the other party must be perineum on both sides of the hole. Once you go in, you will directly glance at both sides.
Tsing lung didn’t seem to think that the other person dared to kill him directly, but also rushed directly into the B hole without losing a flash. He didn’t even shoot the gun immediately after Ye Qing found him at the first time. This distance is, of course, the most powerful and frightening for the opponent.
Ak’s firepower at close range is quite powerful, and it is also very fierce. However, ak’s good hand is also practicing gun shooting for a long time. Where will Qinglong have a chance to fight back? In an instant, it will sweep the head of Qinglong and the bullet holes are covered with the wall behind Qinglong.
Feng Xiao couldn’t help revealing a smile when he saw the death message on the right side of the screen on the way. "This Wynaut is very good, but it seems that he didn’t lose consciousness!"
When Ye Qing came back from the B hole, Feng Xiao had reached the entrance of the Defender’s Base. When he rushed out, he could see Dong Laoer and Meteor, but he stopped and then let Ji Xiaofeng and Jiangnan Kun rush out from the B point. Both sides should act together to make the other side have no defense.
Dong Laoer and Meteor both breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Ye Qing coming out of the middle door. Fortunately, there was no situation inside when Ye Qing left this point, otherwise they really didn’t know what to do. Now Ye Qing is back, so they don’t think about how to fight Ye Qing. It will be arranged naturally.
"Go into the middle door and run into the B hole!" After Ye Qing flashed out, he told Dong Laoer and Meteor that he could have waited for them to come in in hole B, but he was worried that Feng Xiao would suddenly appear, so he personally came out to meet them.
Chapter 27 Gun God Style
People in the Royal Forbidden City outside the grey gate in the desert are rapidly knotting. Ji Xiaofeng and Kun Xiaodong from the south of the Yangtze River rushed from the B slope together. Feng Xiao appeared outside the middle gate almost at the same time. Unfortunately, they threw a leaf and they have already returned to the middle gate.
"damn it! Is this a game of hide-and-seek with us? Xiaofeng, you go back to point B. Kun Shao and I will chase Xiaodong to sit in the middle of the road and support Xiaofeng at any time. At the same time, we should also pay attention to Avenue A, ok? " Feng Xiao made new arrangements in a flash.
“ok!” The other three people replied in unison that Feng Xiao was very satisfied and took the lead in rushing into the middle door, and Jiangnan Kun followed closely.
Ji Xiaofeng just came out from point B and now he has to go back to point B. Feng Xiao guesses that Ye Qing will definitely run to hole B after they return to the middle door, and then invade a person at point B. As he expected, Ye Qing did lead Dong Laoer and Meteor to point B. They entered point B first than Ji Xiaofeng, and when Ji Xiaofeng rushed in, Ye Qing and Dong Laoer had already aimed their guns at him.
"Holy shit!" Ji Xiaofeng saw Ye Qing and Dong Laoer shoot at him first, and he hurried to pose for the battle. Ye Qing is the kind of person who won’t give his opponent a chance once he has the upper hand, and he is very good at grasping the opportunity key and always gives his opponent a fatal blow. Ji Xiaofeng’s posture has just been shown. Ye Qing’s sixth life-seeking bullet has drilled into his eyebrows.
Ji Xiaofeng was shot in the head! This greatly surprised Feng Xiao. No matter how bad Ji Xiaofeng was, he could hold out until they arrived, but there was no chance that he and Jiangnan Kun would attack each other from behind. He was confident that he could get rid of Ye Qing and Dong Laoer by himself.
Ji Xiaofeng didn’t kill the other person at point B, but he saw clearly how many people there were on the other side. Xiaodong immediately rushed to the door B from the middle door when he got the news. Since the other three people were at point B, there was no need to defend Avenue A and the middle door.
Feng Xiao didn’t stop when he reached the hole B, but rushed out directly. This is his usual style. He defeated his opponent with a gun in his hand without props. He was a little arrogant, conceited and domineering. This is not something that ordinary people dare to do. They need to have enough confidence and strength.
"Is this the gas field of the gun god?" Ye Qing sighed in his heart, at the same time, he was a little smiling. If it was him, he might have to throw a flash to rush out, but Feng Xiao rushed in so fair and square without any tricks, and his posture was extremely flexible and he looked calm.
Ye Qing can do this in the face of those weak teams, since he can shoot his head off when the other side is about to win to tell the other side that he should not be wishful thinking, but now he is facing Feng Xiao, but he has to be calm, and even a second of distraction will put him in a hopeless situation.
After Feng Xiao rushed out, his posture was elegant and he made a fire with Ye Qing. Although Dong Laoer was not far from Ye Qing’s position, Feng Xiao preferred Ye Qing’s opponent. Obviously, he also knew that Ye Qing was the most threatening to him. No matter how high his eyes were, he had to admit that Ye Qing’s ak marksmanship was really good, so he had to pay a little attention to it.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to have the slightest carelessness. He tried his best to show his posture and Feng Xiao’s right gun. When he faced the enemy, Ye Qing could clearly judge the opponent’s movement trajectory and compress the trajectory in a small range, and shot the enemy with flexible posture in the head. But when he faced Feng Xiao, he felt like he was from the hand.
Feng Xiao’s posture is unpredictable. The most important thing is that his trajectory is very well pressed during the high-speed movement, and he doesn’t feel floating. In reality, a good gunman should consider the influence of wind resistance and wind direction on trajectory, but he doesn’t have to consider these in the game. However, many people will feel that the bullet is floating at the target, but the bullet doesn’t know where to go, but the opponent is unscathed.
Feng Xiao’s trajectory is smooth. No matter how fast his posture moves, his bullets are all in a straight line and tilted towards the leaves. Ye Xie can actually keep the trajectory stable during the movement, but he can’t do it as perfectly as Feng Xiao. This is the gap.
Once there is a gap between the two gunners, the strength of the two gunners is slightly weaker. Unless it is a human explosion, the one will die nine times out of ten. Although it is very flexible, it can’t avoid Feng Xiao’s play.
Feng Xiao qbz95 gun barrel shot almost every bullet got into Ye Qing’s body, and there was no wave in it. This high-efficiency hit rate is terrible even if there is no head shot, because it can kill you!
Ye Qing’s ak47 is ringing rhythmically, but the chance of hitting Feng Xiao’s body is rare. Seeing that his blood volume drops sharply, Ye Qing gives birth to a sense of strength. He really can’t beat Feng Xiao. He has a feeling when he first faced the shocking wind, but it didn’t take long for his strength to surpass the shocking wind. He believes that if he works hard enough, he will eventually surpass the five gun gods and be located in the five gun gods.
"death!" A word came out of Feng Xiao’s mouth coldly, and then Ye Qing fell on his gun and his blood was consumed!
When Ye Qing and Feng Xiao were at each other’s guns, Dong Laoer was also at Feng Xiao’s gun, but Feng Xiao’s posture was very strange. He didn’t play much, and he probably consumed more than 20 points of Feng Xiao’s blood. Ye Qing consumed more than 50 points of his blood. Now Feng Xiao is also red with blood, but he is still alive. He is a huge threat to live.
Dong Laoer bit his lip and held his breath. He tried his best to kill Feng Xiao, but he couldn’t kill anyone with a gun. This feeling is so desperate! He always thought he was a good marksman, but Feng Xiao looked like a novice. He felt that the gun in his hand was a little unreal, like holding a toy gun. Otherwise, why couldn’t he kill people?
After Feng Xiao’s death, he made his hands free to deal with Dong Laoer’s meteor. Feng Xiao was locked all the time, and Jiangnan Kun kept interfering with him at the entrance of hole B. He could deal with Jiangnan Kun first, and Xiaodong rushed in from outside B.
The people of the Royal Forbidden City directly formed a crossfire net, and Dong Laoer was directly in the center of the crossfire net. Fortunately, he was behind the platform box at point B, but the support he could give Dong Laoer was very limited. At most, he could help him to restrain Jiangnan Kun Yu Xiaodong and Feng Xiao from posing any threat to them.
Dong Laoer quickly looked around him and immediately knew that his situation was quite dangerous, but he had nowhere to go, and he could crustily skin of head and recklessly fight with the other party. Even if he fought in front of Feng Xiao, it would not have any impact on the final result. Feng Xiao’s qbz95 just rang, and Dong Laoer directly lay on the ground.
The meteor’s heart cooled when he saw the death message in the right corner of the screen. Since he knew that there were two of the five gun gods in the opponent’s array, he gave up hope for this game. "Oh, do your best!" He sighed and then moved directly to the left. In the process, he caught a flash of the lens, and he just appeared outside the bunker. He landed on the opposite side of the hole B, Jiangnan Kun, and he shot directly without hesitation.
Sniper rifle that deep and remote pike tube shoots a high-speed rotation and with a high-temperature warhead, the warhead breaks away, and the speed can’t be seen by the naked eye. It goes into Jiangnan Kun’s face, and his roots don’t react. The whole person bounces back directly like hitting a wall.
"I grass! Feng Xiao is killing him! " Jiangnan Kun yelled hysterically. Feng Xiao knew that Jiangnan Kun’s strength was very average. If he was replaced by a more powerful machine gunner, the Royal Forbidden City team would be stronger and might even compete with the S team.
The only shortcoming of the Royal Forbidden City now is that Jiangnan Kun put it mildly. He has been dragging the team back, but Feng Xiao dare not say this, because Jiangnan Kun is the team boss, and he insists on becoming a team member and also threatens to defeat Jiang Yuhan himself.
Feng Xiao really doesn’t respect Jiangnan Kun in his heart. If not, if he gives the high salary, Feng Xiao really doesn’t want to come to this team and personally defeat Jiang Yuhan. Joke! Jiang Yuhan, however, is recognized as the greatest professional player in the F world. Even if he dare not say that he can defeat Jiang Yuhan, how can he do this?
Jiangnan Kun’s strength is probably just reaching the professional level, which is similar to the cold-blooded feeling of Club I, but he just doesn’t have this self-knowledge and he thinks he is very awesome for Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng, two big gun gods.
Feng Xiao was a little disdainful, but he didn’t show it. Actually, Jiangnan Kun said that he came to kill the meteor. This is his responsibility, but he didn’t take revenge on Jiangnan Kun. The death of a waste like Jiangnan Kun is still a good thing to drag him down.
After the meteor was killed by Dong Laoer, he returned to the bunker. After that, Xiaodong took aim at the bunker where the meteor was located at the door of B. Feng Xiao did not move in the same place. He lightly said to Xiaodong, "Take away your gun and let me kill the last one of them!"
Xiaodong hesitated to worry about what would happen, but on second thought, Feng Xiao, the gun god, would not have an accident at the root. He was worried that it was too redundant, so he took the gun and retreated directly to the door B. He wanted to give Feng Xiao a quiet environment.
Feng Xiao just quietly pointed the 95-gun at the position where the meteor just flashed out. He knew that the last person left was a sniper, a sniper who could kill him with one shot, but he still didn’t show himself. He believed that he was capable of killing the other sniper first.
Chapter 271 Destiny showdown
There are many wooden boxes on the platform of desert ash B, but snipers like to use them as shelters. The boxes piled high against the right wall can hide the sniper’s figure well and defend the B hole, which is an excellent position.
At this time, the meteor is pounding against the wall, and there are two people left on the other side. A sniper is already very difficult to deal with. He knows that Xiaodong’s sniper rifle method is better than him, and the other is the famous gun god. He is even more sure that Feng Xiao’s calm demeanor has made him lose confidence.
After all, if you have been hiding in the bunker, you will be blocked by the other party. Once the other party is surrounded by a close-range sniper rifle, the meteor will take a deep breath and then jump out directly. In the middle, he sees Feng Xiao, the gun god is still in the original position and the sniper Xiaodong has disappeared.
I didn’t see the sniper figure of the other party. The meteor was very nervous. He was worried that even if he successfully killed Feng Xiao, he would be killed by Xiao Dong hiding in the dark. Feng Xiao was probably a bait. These were all thoughts in his heart for a moment, but he didn’t think how Feng Xiao could be a bait. Isn’t this overqualified?
Soon Feng Xiao told him the answer. He was ready to pull the trigger before landing, but Feng Xiao shot at the moment when he jumped out, and after that, Feng Xiao turned around and rushed out of the screen at point B, which showed the words Defender Victory. The meteor was shot in the head!
One shot to the head is the deepest shock, and Feng Xiao turned around directly after one shot. It is conceivable that he had planned such a shot long ago because he believed that he was a good shot! This is the conceit of the gun god. He has almost paranoid confidence in his marksmanship.
"That’s amazing!" Dong Laoer sincerely feels that Ye Qing also nodded his head. Feng Xiao is really quite powerful. He is also a gun god. He is much more powerful than Ji Xiaofeng. Although Feng Xiao is somewhat pretentious and a little arrogant, people do have this talent. Compared with those abilities, they have to pretend to be arrogant.
The game was overshadowed by Feng Xiao, and his light was very dim in front of Feng Xiao. There’s nothing I can do about it. Who is the gun god? The strength gap is made up in a short time. Even if Ye Qing’s talent is amazing, he is not sure to win the game.
The score is already four to one, and there are two rounds left in the half-court. From the current situation, it is already a one-sided situation. If there is no accident, the half-court is likely to end six to one. If it is such a big score, there will be no suspense and nothing to watch.
Gv’s two explanations are less talked at this time. It seems that there is nothing to say about this one-sided game. I have always been optimistic that loli can also go to Ye Qing in a few words, hoping that Ye Qing can perform.
"It’s lucky to be able to play against such a master. Your department will attack point B this round. I’ll go to point A alone. I’ll find a way to stall Feng Xiao and play against him. I can learn a lot. You may be able to attack point B and want me to live when it comes. Then you may be able to come over and defend point B." Ye Qing is still laying out tactics step by step, although he knows that the result of the game must be that they lose. He doesn’t want this game to end on one side. He wants everyone watching it to know that he is not saving oil lamps.
Dong Laoer, although they are very shocked by Feng Xiao’s marksmanship, they have already put the burden on them. Anyway, they will lose, and there will be no worse situation than this. So they just have to try their best to fight. They flocked to point B to take the back garden of the base, while Ye Qing rushed to point A alone.
One person outside gate A, Ye Qing, and one person behind the left wall at the entrance of Avenue A are very lonely. In fact, he has long been used to fighting alone in Julong Internet Cafe. He has always been a loner and never relied on the strength of his teammates.
At that time, he didn’t believe that his teammates were like pigs in the melee. He believed that his victory could only be achieved by himself. It was because of his brave performance that he won the title of ak Gun God in Julong Internet Cafe and was highly praised by other fer in the Internet Cafe.
His former style is very similar to that of Lan Bao, one of the five gun gods. The m4 machine gunner was also a lonely hero in those days. No one could stop him from killing the gods. Every time he charged, he had no scruples about sweeping away the obstacles ahead with a forward momentum. The number of homicides was always at the front of the team, and the corresponding number of deaths was also ranked first.
If Jiang Yuhan is one of the snipers, then Lan Bao is one of the m4 machine gunners. His unique way proves that m4 is not weaker than firearms. It can be said that he is an attacker. There is no concept of an attacker in his former professional team. Most of the time, the professional team command is to attack a point with a medium force. Even if the troops are divided, they will cooperate with each other and advance layer by layer, which will not let a person rush to the front.
Lanbao’s deadly assault style has gradually emerged as a special profession, that is, the assault fighter. All major professional teams are aware of the need for this kind of marksmanship, and they are not afraid of crashing. On the one hand, gunmen can quickly disintegrate the defense line of the other side, on the other hand, they can attract all the firepower of the other side and create opportunities for others.
Literally, the so-called attacker means to make a sudden attack, so that the other side can’t expect you to rush in like this. Some teams are divided into very small groups, not only the attacker but also the so-called breakthrough hand. They think that the breakthrough hand is to charge all the way and never look back to be a pioneer, while the attacker is to make a sudden attack at the key moment. There is no need to divide the actual roots so finely.
It’s hard to know when it’s a key moment if the attacker has to attack suddenly at the key moment. In case the judgment is wrong, the attacker will lose the attacker like Lan Bao, and he will make a sudden attack as soon as he comes, and it will be like a sharp knife piercing the other side’s defense line, which will make the other side’s layout in a mess, so that our own people can successfully capture the blasting point package.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Ye Qing can actually beat the position of the attacker, but he is the team commander. If he rushes to the front every time, he will take care of the situation. An excellent commander should be a thousand miles away in strategic planning.
It is not a good command to always put yourself in danger. Ye Qing is naturally not a good command now. He often puts himself in danger. He is also very deadly when he rushes up. Since communicating with the sniper god Jiang Yuhan, he has converged a lot and tried to make himself alive during the game. He met Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng, but there are not many ways to make himself alive. Even if he is alive, he can’t beat these two big gun gods.
Ye Qing threw a smoke bomb at Avenue A and waited until the smoke cleared before he rushed in. If he faced a weak team, Ye Qing could just rush to Avenue A with a gun and kill his opponent like Feng Xiao without losing anything.
Now he is faced with a careless gun god. Even if he loses the smoke bomb, he just gives himself a bigger chance to live. After breaking through the smoke, the view of the leaf tilt is instantly restored. He sees a gunner standing motionless on the slope of the platform like a stake.