"Yes, we also want to play with the strong teams. It’s boring to play with the old and smile. I’m dying of talking." Zhao Xiayang is very awesome.

"Well, you wait for my horse to talk." Pearl Krabs said and took out his mobile phone and walked out of the training room.
Ye Qing twisted his neck and said, "In fact, we can also join the S team to play a game with us. I am still familiar with the sniper god, but I am afraid that you guys will be beaten with confidence, which will affect morale and be very unfavorable for us to participate in the Qi Lele Cup."
Hearing the name of the S team, Zhao xia yang and Thomas both looked grim, and then they had to bow their heads in front of this team. Now this team is a person in the F world, and they can underestimate that they have established a dynasty before they are strong.
Chapter 565 Dream misty rain
Ye Qing and others waited in the training room for ten minutes before Zhen Zhen came back. Ye Qing was a little impatient. "Does it take so long to make a message?" You can make it clear in a few words! "
"I said something else. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Let’s build the house first. They will come soon." Pearl Krabs said to Ye Qing apologetically
She really wanted to hang up, but that guy Luo kept looking for someone who didn’t talk to her. It was like delaying because Pearl Krabs wouldn’t talk to him at ordinary times, and Pearl Krabs didn’t answer directly when he called Pearl Krabs. It was rare that Pearl Krabs took the initiative to call him this time. Of course, he cherished this opportunity and wanted to talk to his goddess more.
Ye Qing soon built the house and said to Pearl Krabs, "When they come, just let them into this room. The password is 16."
"good!" Pearl Krabs nodded his head.
The rest of the people are eagerly looking at the screen, waiting for the arrival of Luo’s team for about five minutes, and people are coming in the room one after another.
"hey! ? Pearl Krabs, how did your team change its name? Isn’t it the S team before? How can it be changed to such a name now? " ROM after entering the room is very confused typing way
Ye Qing looked at Luo id and team name K. Luo belongs to the team. When Ye Qing saw Luo id, he felt that Luo must be a football fan. Otherwise, how could Luo Xian like Portuguese stars?
Meng Yanyu, a professional team, won a 100-city league championship, a Qilele Cup championship and a second place in the Champions League, but it was a long time ago. Now this dream Yanyu array is not too strong. Although Luo wants to win the championship, the other teams are very neat now. No one has come to dig him. However, because Feng Xiao is in that team, he can’t go, so he has been staying in Meng Yanyu.
Although a team as strong as Team S may not be as good as Dream Mist Rain, it will not be worse than Club I in terms of overall strength. Now Dream Mist Rain should be better than Club I which has not been run in well.
Pearl Krabs saw Luo’s typed words and immediately responded, "The S team has been dissolved for a long time, and I have joined a new team, which is now the team."
"Why didn’t I know when?" Rom is very surprised tunnel
"It’s normal for you not to know. Do I have to inform you of everything I do?" Pearl Krabs grumpily replied.
Luo suddenly felt a little embarrassed, but fortunately, he was thick-skinned, and immediately typed, "We are friends. I’m just interested in your movements, but it seems that you haven’t heard of adding this team now. Has it just been established?"
"It has been established for a long time, and it has beaten our team in many games." Pearl Krabs replied truthfully.
"Are you? Then why have I never heard of it? Probably never reached the semi-finals. In this way, you will also add your own identity! " After Luo typed this line, Ye Qing and others all flew into a rage. This guy is too arrogant to say such a thing in front of them, and he simply didn’t take them seriously.
Pearl Krabs also felt very embarrassed. I didn’t expect this guy to talk without restraint at all. He was as direct and overbearing as before. That’s why she didn’t like him.
Leaf immediately typed "what do you mean? I called you here to play a friendly match with us, not to ask you to hate our strength before you know what you are. It’s not that I haven’t played against the five gun gods. Ji Xiaofeng and Feng Xiao dare not despise me. It’s you! "
When Luo saw Ye Qing’s words, he immediately flew into a rage and typed, "Fuck you, don’t take Feng Xiao. That garbage is one hundred times better than the old one. It’s not surprising that you beat him!"
"Don’t brag money isn’t it? It’s more appropriate for us to say this after winning. I like to slap someone in the face after they say something crazy. This feeling is very cool. It seems that you want to be hit in the face by us today! " Leaf tilt is very disdain tunnel
A man with five big guns can’t flatter him. It’s almost like Lin Qiuye’s heart. Pearl Krabs touched his forehead and muttered, "If Feng Xiao didn’t kill them, I wouldn’t be looking for this fool …"
"Hit my face? Ha, ha, ha … That’s what you call arrogance. In that case, I’ll see how powerful you are. Don’t forget to hit yourself in the face when you lose! " Luo very confident tunnel
"Cut the crap and hit the map!"
"Don’t tell you this third-rate team map can be! Anyway, the final win must be our team. "
Ye listened to what Luo said, so he stopped insisting that he chose desert ash, the most classic blasting map. Luo couldn’t help laughing when he saw Ye’s selection map, and then said to his teammates, "A third-rate team is a third-rate team that can play desert ash in blasting mode, so I haven’t played desert ash for a long time, so I’ll revisit it."
After the game, the progress bar turned to Ye Qing before it finished running. "This is Luo Gun God. Are you sure you didn’t invite him to tease?"
Pearl Krabs sighed very naively and said apologetically to Ye Qing, "I’m sorry, I’ve come to find Feng Xiao and them to play with us, but they have something to find. Who knows that this guy is still as ugly as before? He is the least popular among the five gun gods."
"No, it’s better for you to meet such a person. We won’t leave him a face. It’s cool to hit him hard." Ye Qing is very serious and tunnel.
"Don’t underestimate him, although others are not so good, but his strength is still very strong. After all, he is one of the five gun gods. Although what he said just now is too exaggerated, one thing is certain. They once hit Feng Xiao one-on-one and lost to him in posture and marksmanship. At that time, he won Feng Xiao’s ten heads, and it was already very difficult to lose four or five points. He said that there was a gap between the two." Pearl Krabs was worried that Ye Qing would underestimate his enemy and quickly woke up.
Ye Qing sneered at the smell speech and thought that he had been instructed by K. At that time, even K said that his strength had few opponents in the F world, and after that, he had gone through hard training. Now he is really not afraid of the five gun gods, one of which is K. He has a fighting power
"So what about the Gun God? I will defeat them one by one sooner or later and then surpass them. I want to be their strongest machine gunner!" Leaf tilt expression abnormal firmly to Pearl Krabs way
Pearl Krabs couldn’t help but be shocked when she heard Ye Qing’s grandiloquence. She didn’t expect Ye Qing to have such great ambitions, but Ye Qing’s talent might really be possible. Now most professional players in the F world have become professional players not because they love F, but because they have made money and become famous. It is difficult for them to keep their initial heart.
Ye Qing’s talent is extremely high, and he loves F very much. He is almost obsessed. It is because of this enthusiasm that he has made such rapid progress. Who among the star players who have achieved great success in the F world today does not maintain this enthusiasm? Jiang Yuhan, Bare, 7kg, etc. They are all such people. They have succeeded.
"Awesome, I’m sure you can do it!" Pearl Krabs is very sincere and authentic, and he doesn’t mean to laugh at it at all
After the game was officially held, Ye Qing and The Infiltrator needed to formulate offensive tactics, but Ye Qing didn’t know anything about Meng Yanyu and the characteristics of Luo, so he decided to hand over the command to Pearl Krabs because Pearl Krabs was familiar with Luo.
Pearl Krabs agreed to Ye Qing’s decision, so that Ye Qing can concentrate on Luo. Today, the two will score a high score in this game, which is also a good opportunity for Ye Qing to test his own strength. If he beats Luo, then he is qualified to be among the gun gods, saying that his strength is indeed comparable to K now.
In the first round, Pearl Krabs Yuzryha and Dong Laoer went to attack Avenue A, and the sniper guarded the middle road. She and Zhao Xiayang went to attack Point B, which made Zhao Xiayang so happy that he quickly patted his chest and was very confident. "Pearl Krabs will protect you all the way with me, and you will never be hurt!"
Pearl Krabs ignored him and Thomas said to Pearl Krabs with great bitterness, "We are The Infiltrator. Why should I stay in the middle?"? I should take part in the attack, or I’ll go all the way with you. I can cover you. "
"You don’t mind so many orders! Now the captain has given me the command, and I am your command! " Pearl Krabs very serious tunnel
Thomas Nye rushed to the middle of the road, took aim at the middle door, and moved the center of sight to the path from time to time. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer quickly rushed out of Gate A, threw a flash bomb at Avenue A, and then rushed over with Dong Laoer.
Luo’s defensive tactics are 212 conventional defensive formation to defend at point A, which happens to be that he knows a gunner Pearl Krabs very well. He knows that he will definitely defend at point A, so he specially sends Ye Qing to attack Avenue A to give him a chance to play against Luo.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer rushed to Avenue A, and they saw the platform Rollo on the slope at point A. There is still a distance from the bunker. It can be seen that his roots did not pay attention to Ye Qing and Dong Laoer, or that he did not pay attention to the team I Club.
Many of Ye Qing’s opponents suffered big losses because they despised him. There are many masters among them. Obviously, Luo will become one of those people, and he will pay the price for underestimating himself!
Chapter 566 Hit the face
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer saw that Luo was on the slope of Platform A, and they didn’t want to avoid it at all. They both felt that the other side was very angry at their contempt for Dong Laoer and said, "It’s too contemptuous of people!"
"That’s good. We won’t see his jokes until we kill him!" Ye Qing sneered at Luo Zhan’s posture toward Ye Qing and Dong Laoer, and Ye Qing immediately showed his posture. He carefully observed a posture and found that Luo Zhan’s posture was very fast and really slightly stronger than Feng Xiao’s.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to be careless. Even so, he was still shot by Luo Dian. Fortunately, none of them were fatal. It is no wonder that the guy was so arrogant and indeed had arrogance. You know, Ye Qing can rarely hit him after his posture is running to the extreme, but he can easily say several times that this guy’s marksmanship is still very awesome.
Luo saw that he had shot so many guns, but he couldn’t tip Ye to the head. He also saw that Ye’s posture was quite strange, clever and extremely fast, and it was hard to aim at him. He hit Ye with a few shots with a good handle. He immediately put away his contempt and felt that Ye had something to do. If he accidentally overturned the boat in the gutter, he would lose his face!
He immediately focused on Ye Qing and fired more than a dozen shots in a row, but he still failed to kill Ye Qing. Instead, his own blood kept dropping. Although his posture was fast, it was all to avoid the harassment of Dong Laoer next to Ye Qing’s bomb. He couldn’t care less.
"Mom, what kind of posture can’t kill you?" Luo was very annoyed to see that his blood was red. He finally gave up dealing with Ye Qing and chose Dong Laoer’s target persimmon to pick up and pinch!
His teammates also came running from the alley to help at this moment, but that guy just flashed out and was shot in the head by Ye Qing. Obviously, Luo clenched his teeth angrily because his posture was too bad, and then even shot Dong Laoer, whose posture was a little slow, and finally didn’t let his teammates die in vain.