Both sides stopped where they were! Brew a big move! Want a move to win or lose!

The water polo at the tip of Qi Xinglong’s gun will get deeper if it doesn’t get bigger. It’s a fist. The water polo changes from light blue to dark blue. A strong water element can flood Qi Xinglong’s whole body and spread more than 50 meters in Fiona Fang!
Everyone seems to hear the current!
Zhang’s legs have been submerged in the black flame, and the flame has risen to the point where his long hair appears. A cold and cold air of Mars permeates more than 50 meters, and the fire energy of heaven and earth has become more and more intense beside him.
Fire and water hit!
The fighting spirit of both sides is high and the momentum is opposite! Constantly rising as if there is no end.
Zhang’s head was covered with a cold blade of a virtual shadow tomahawk, and a virtual shadow pike spear pointed at Zhang.
For a moment, the momentum of both sides reached the highest level. Zhang Yang’s eyes were cold and light, and the bullying and fighting spirit suppressed Qi Xinglong’s momentum, which made the latter suddenly change.
"You can’t confront each other or you will be affected!" Qi Xinglong was frightened, and then the pike slid over a gun shadow and pointed at Zhang Yang’s indifference and shouted, "A thousand shots!"
At his voice, his pike whirled around like a launcher, and the small water polo flew away from the tip of your gun with a strong murderous look and flew rapidly to Zhang Yang.
When the water polo flies five meters away, it suddenly explodes and expands. Thousands of water bodies are filled with long guns. More than ten meters in front of Zhang Yang are full of dark blue guns!
"The captain definitely wins a thousand shots and can definitely stab Zhang Yang into a hornet’s nest!" JiXingLong hand a guru eye dew yoshimitsu high way
"Brother Qi once killed a high-ranking black bear Wang Zhangyangfa and escaped." A grandmaster scorned Zhang and showed playful eyes.
Feng Li showed a faint smile and said, "Here comes the opportunity!"
"Hot legs!" Zhang Yang is not afraid that the momentum of a thousand guns will reach its peak, and after a roar, he will jump straight into a thousand water guns like a rocket launch!
"Swish …"
Thousands of deep blue water pike seems to have formed a gun rain blockade. Zhang Yang rushed to Qixing Dragon Gap for more than ten meters without a gap! It’s a little gun blade!
Wu Yu also revealed a cautious look and whispered, "Idiot, don’t get hurt! Otherwise, it will be too embarrassing for me! "
Zhou Yan’s eyes also showed concern, and his hands clung to Ximen Lanyu’s arm, which made the latter grin and complain.
Watching people have their own ideas.
Zhang finally got close to the shooting range.
His left foot firmly stuck to the ground, and his right leg suddenly kicked out. The shadow of his leg suddenly became visible in a short time, and several black flames suddenly appeared. Most of the shadow of his leg formed a semicircle to protect his front.
Everyone around is a little confused about how many feet Zhang played! Know that it is a person kicked out with one leg!
Show incredible consternation Chapter 17 Swim and show off.
Chapter 17 You Shen Shu Wei
Zhang Yang’s flame legs and shadows are flying close to his broken pike department. Wu Yu’s face shows a faint smile, and Ximen Lanyu Zhou Yan is relieved []
On Qi Xinglong’s side, the three masters looked pale. They just said that Zhang would die. As a result, Zhang easily resisted Qi Xinglong’s attack. Their hearts were severely dumped by a bus, but it was enough to lose face!
"bang! Bang … "
Zhang Yang’s right leg was wrapped in flame like a fire sword, and several swords were repeatedly stabbed. In front of him, he turned into a big black hedgehog, flying out of the flame footprints and kicking the shadow of the gun into pieces.
The boom kept exploding, and whenever a water gun was kicked to pieces, Qi Xinglong’s pike trembled. Later, his arm pike could not stop shaking and his face became more and more pale.
He shot a thousand water guns, all of which were subtle. Some parts of the General Assembly were broken by violence, and his skill would be rapidly weakened, and the anti-seismic force would also shock his arms.
"Ministry attack!" Qi Xinglong violently yelled at a water pike, and the harsh blue light gathered into a small range and violently stabbed Zhang Yang!
"Good opportunity!" The wind Li andao figure suddenly disappeared in situ and shot behind Zhang! Want to attack from both sides!
Wu Yu and others are happy with Zhang Yang’s strength. When they react, they exclaim that the evening breeze has already appeared in Li. Zhang Yang’s sword behind him suddenly stabbed Zhang Yang in the middle of the back!
Suddenly, Zhang Yang’s body burst into a large black flame, and everyone was covered in it. He seemed to be a flame elf!