Kexin Yu Zhou Yishen struggled and said

"Zhang Weiyou this strength is not surprising that he is always a provincial party committee member, but don’t worry if you want him to provoke me again. I naturally have the means to deal with him, and he can’t protect him when he comes forward." Zhou Yi said while stroking Kexin Yu’s long hair.
"Then you shouldn’t be like this. Now you should concentrate on your studies." Kexin Yu continued to struggle. "Anyway, I will be your person. What are you doing in such a hurry? Let me go back quickly! "
"No, you have to accompany me tonight," Zhou Yi said tyrannically. "Can’t you talk with me if I can’t sleep?"
"Talk, but don’t mess around or I’ll ignore you again." Kexin Yu had no choice but to agree.
"It’s strange for a beauty to talk. I’m not Liu Hui," Zhou Yi thought, but said, "Let’s have a good talk under the covers."
"Well" Kexin Yu nodded shyly.
Zhouyi dropped the room light, and the room was suddenly dark. Zhouyi held Kexin Yu in his arms gently, and the whole room heard two people breathing.
The two men didn’t speak, but they held each other tighter and tighter. At this moment, they didn’t have words, but moved instead of all the words.
Breathing is getting bigger and bigger, and Kexin Yu Zhouyi’s arms are getting more and more shy, so she has taken off her lichen and left a pair of underwear
"You are good or bad. Didn’t you speak to me? Now I know that it’s very late to make out with me. You have nothing to say, so I have to go back to my room to sleep. If someone sees me sleeping in your room, it will really be laughed to death. "
At the last moment, Kexin Yu stuck to the last position. She gently but firmly removed Zhouyi’s hand from her body. She is a unified girl. She hopes to give her body to Zhouyi completely on her wedding day.
"Do you still want to go? You slip away every time. I won’t let you go again tonight. Besides, you are my father’s adopted daughter. You are my child bride. You are my wife. When sleeping in my room is justified, who dares to gossip?" Zhou Yi smiled and gently kissed Kexin Yu’s face to hold her tighter.
"Then you have to promise me that you can’t bully me. I won’t give it to you until the day you marry me." Kexin Yu Zhouyi kissed crazy in love already, and she always agreed.
"I will definitely pick you up in the most luxurious sedan chair in the future. I will definitely take you to the most beautiful church in the world to get married and make you the happiest bride in the world."
Zhouyi gently said that his words seemed to have a magic effect on Kexin Yu’s heart, and Kexin Yu was immersed in Zhouyi’s love story.
Kexin Yu fled at dawn the next morning as if she had left Zhouyi Room. Although her identity is a child bride, she has always regarded Zhouyi as a master. Now Zhouyi is still young. Naturally, she can’t spend the night in Zhouyi Room openly. Besides, Aunt Li Linglong has to pay more attention here.
Zhou Yiqi got out of bed and practiced boxing once in the backyard, so he made a message to Director Zhang Yanghao. He wanted to invite the father of Mao Guoqing, the captain of the Municipal Criminal Investigation Brigade, to have a meal tonight and ask Director Zhang Yanghao to do personal matchmaking.
Director Zhang Yanghao, of course, didn’t know what Zhouyi asked Mao Guoqing’s father, so he asked Zhouyi to talk to Zhang Yanghao slightly about his peaceful holiday with Mao, which was considered as giving Director Zhang a face and not wanting to be difficult. Director Zhang was prepared to solve this matter peacefully.
Since Zhouyi went to Zhang Yanghao’s home to help the sick Zhang Yanghao once again, his function in that respect has recovered a lot. He readily promised Zhouyi to help him. He came to the Ministry and dared to offend his benefactor. Isn’t that batting practice? Besides Zhouyi background, he knows that he really wants to teach the captain of a city criminal investigation brigade. Isn’t that trying to crush an ant? So he doesn’t mind Zhouyi taking this hongmen banquet to teach a Mao National Day and a Mao Peace.
I am ready to go to school after eating Zhouyi in the morning.
"Don’t rush home after school today. Brother will take you to do something together."
Before school, Zhouyi called Li Hao, and he was going to take Li Hao to the banquet this evening. Anyway, it was because of him.
"Did you take me to pick up girls?"
Li Hao asked furtively when he went to Zhouyi to take two beautiful women, Luo Qing Snow and Mu Hongdou, and he was already envious. He thought when he could get such a beautiful woman, which would be really cool.
"You knew how to pick up girls when you were young!" Zhou Yi scolded, "You have long forgotten that the little arrangement of the second Mao Heping calculated your brother?"
"Brother, how can I forget it? I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Didn’t you say that I would teach them a lesson for a while?" Li Hao replied.
"When the sports meeting is over, I naturally want to teach you a lesson. I will take you with me. Tonight, you should prepare Mao Heping. How can the little one be beaten? From today on, he will post in front of you." Zhouyi laughed.
"Really, I’ll find you after school. I’ve been waiting for this day for too long. Although I’m not as cool as you, it’s good to be the boss of the class."
Li Hao jumped with excitement.
Zhou Yigang rode his bike to school when Director Zhang Yanghao called and said that he had told Mao Guoqing to have dinner at the Hongyun Hotel by Dingxi Lake at 7 pm.
The director shouted for the captain of the criminal investigation brigade to eat, which was a big day. Guo-Qing Mao had no reason not to agree.
"Mao Heping, if you want to play with me, I’ll play with you tonight."
After Zhouyi hung up, there was a smile on his comely face. Tonight, this banquet at the Hongmen Banquet was dedicated to Mao Heping. When the time comes, he will humiliate Mao Heping in front of Mao Guoqing, so that this little girl can’t honestly engage in three tricks again.
It was a cloudy day. At noon on Sunday, Mao Heping, the roof of the university teaching building, took Wang Jinhu and other younger brothers to smoke.
"How’s the monkey man looking?" Mao Heping asked the thin Wang Jinhu, "This Zhouyi school sports meeting has made a big splash these two days. I really don’t like it. It’s time to teach him a lesson and then come out to mind his own business."
"Eldest brother, I’ve linked up and found an opportunity to start work at any time to teach Zhou Yi to let him mind his own business. Li Hao’s childhood has become our dish." Wang Jinhu hurriedly answered.
"You remember to find a few malicious pustules. Don’t do this. Let’s go to kv boxes tonight. I’ll meet those people and tell them one thing. After all, this Zhouyi is very good at hitting us. We can’t underestimate our enemies."
Mao Heping vomitted an one mouthful smoke and said
"Boss, don’t worry, I’m looking for bruisers. There are more than a dozen people in total, and Zhou Yi can’t fight them again." Wang Jinhu said, "Then I’ll join them to see the boss later."
Mao Heping said half a sentence before his words rang. As soon as he called his father.
"At seven o’clock this evening, you arrive at Hongyun Hotel on time to go to dinner with Director Zhang and one of his brothers. I’ll tell you first that you can be on time to eat with the director. It’s no joke if you dare to be late or don’t come to strip you."
As soon as Mao Heping answered the phone, he heard his father Mao Guoqing Na Wei Yan Yin.
"Dad, I’m sure I’ll arrive on time." Mao Heping was most afraid of his father Ma, the captain of the criminal investigation brigade, agreeing.
Hang up his father’s words, Mao Heping said to Wang Jinhu, "Let’s move a little when we meet those thugs."
"Boss, are you doing anything tonight?" Wang Jinhu asked.
"I’m going to have dinner with director Zhang of the city bureau with my dad later," said Mao Heping proudly.
"The boss is really good. He can meet such a noble person as the director." Wang Jinhu flatters.
Mao Heping was flattered by Wang Jinhu. Shu Shu didn’t know that he was attending a banquet at Hongmen this evening.