"What’s the way? You are quick to say if it is cold, brother." They were taken into a relatively hidden bamboo forest by me. Yali first asked Suo Na and nodded.

"All right, don’t move. I’ll give you a bath." I said, and I stepped back a few meters. My hands spread out the elements of fire and water. Suddenly, a fireball and a water polo appeared in my hands. I smiled at them and said, "Come on!" After that, I took the lead in throwing the water polo at them. Just when they were about to get soaked, the water polo actually stopped on their heads. Then I threw the fireball in my other hand and hit it. After the water polo touched the fireball, steam came up. Then I ordered "Go!" The steaming water polo landed right on them, and they suddenly exclaimed, "What a relief …"
Actually, I learned this trick from Dodi. It’s really not easy to control this skill. I have to control the temperature and put away the fire element at any time, or it will burn if it’s not water. But for me, it’s still good to control two low-level magic, but I feel a lot better when I meet them with a smile …
A moment later, half a water polo has flowed out and they are satisfied. Yali looked at me and said, "If you are cold, you should also wash yourself." After listening to her, I also did the same thing and took a bath for myself. Suddenly, many Yali ran over and hugged me and said, "If you are cold, you are amazing …" I smiled and replied, "If you return first, I will bake clothes for you."
Yali, when they saw me say this, they looked at me with wait for a while. I motioned for them not to panic, and then they threw a small fireball at them. They were stunned, but they believed that I didn’t hide from the small fireball and rushed to myself. But they immediately felt that the small fireball was surprisingly warm and they didn’t get scalded. I saw that I had almost put away the fire element, and I was lucky to get rid of the moisture and restore a refreshing body.
When these two girls saw that their clothes were instantly dried, they turned their eyes on me and smiled sweetly. Then I took their little hands and walked back together …
Chapter 14 The Adventure of the Cave)
"Where have you been?" Just came back, Bi Tian looked puzzled at us and asked Tang Yi with a faint smile, but Yali replied first, "You stinking dragon have so many questions." I smiled awkwardly and motioned for everyone to go to bed early and continue on their way tomorrow. After such a toss and turn, everyone listened to me and found a place to sleep quietly …
next day
Dew dripping from the top of bamboo just fell on my face at dawn. I woke up from this cold feeling and looked around. I saw that everyone was still asleep. I gently got up and stretched myself, took out hard food and chewed it up. I sighed in my heart that barbecue was much more delicious, but now I have no leisure time to do this …
A moment later, everyone woke up one after another and saw that I was sitting there. Yali rubbed her eyes and asked, "Brother Ruohan, did you wake up early?" I smiled and nodded, indicating that everyone was ready to eat some dry food for today’s trip. After about half a magic, everyone looked at me and was ready to go. I got up and said cautiously, "Everyone should be more careful today, especially Yali and Suo Na. You just recovered. Don’t be too reluctant. You must tell me what’s wrong with you, okay?" Everyone nodded when they heard the news, and then I went ahead and started the road …
We have been walking in the purple bamboo forest for a long time, but the dense bamboo forest has made us all a little breathless. Tang Yi first said, "We may have walked for almost three magic hours. This forest is really big …" I nodded in front of me, but I didn’t encounter anything strange all the way, but I knew that the tranquility was more deadly before the storm, so I didn’t dare to relax and walked all the time. I can probably know that it is almost in the middle position now, but I still haven’t found anything. Isn’t Alice here? Just when I was distracted, the neck necklace shimmered and floated to one side, which seemed to guide us. Yali blinked her eyes and sighed, "What a magical necklace …" I saw that the necklace always pointed to the same side, signaling everyone to follow closely in the direction it pointed to … As I got closer and closer, I could vaguely see a light coming in front and stepped up my steps. When I passed through, I was dumbfounded at the scene before me! Can’t say a word … Yali and they came out one after another and exclaimed when they saw what they saw in front of them. !” Blue sky they are wrinkly to knit the brows Tang Yi first mouth way "a lot of bones … even there are hundreds of people who are so cruel? … "See what we see in front of us is a relatively spacious land with a small lake surrounded by glistening bones, and even the lake has become a blood-red road, which is unclear and desolate … The breeze blowing is like the sorrow of these dead people.
"You wait for me to have a look" I said and walked forward. I accidentally stepped on a pair of bones and made a sound. I panicked and moved my feet slowly to the lake. There were many bones floating in the red lake. It was like a blood pool! I felt sick and quickly moved my eyes to look around. I found that there was a hole near my feet that had been sealed by an iron cover. I went back first and told everyone about it. Tang Yi said cautiously, "It seems that there was a hole in it." I nodded, but the iron cover was less than 300 kilograms, which gave me a headache just by looking at its thickness, but I tried my best. Just as I was about to start work, Tang Yi said, "Give me the iron cover. I have an idea." But seeing his confidence is not like bragging, let him go ahead and go to the hole of the ground and come to the edge of the iron cover. Tang Yi motioned for us to stay away from it. We pulled out a bottle from our sleeves and covered it, and poured the sticky things inside. When the iron cover saw the iron Gigan, it took up white bubbles as soon as it touched, and then it dripped out thick black water like it was melted. In less than a moment, this thick iron cover was corroded cleanly! The black water trickled out and flowed into the lake, making a "Cha Cha" sound. Tang Yi motioned for us to wait for a while. After the black water slowly cooled down, he said to us, "Okay, we can go in."
"wow! What is this thing of yours? Even the big iron cover has melted! " Yali exclaimed, Mo said that she was even surprised to see him smile again and again. She replied, "This is my Tang family’s unique secret medicine’ Hua Fu Qing’. Okay, let’s go in."
I gave a wry smile-what is this guy carrying? But I don’t hesitate to sign for everyone to go in when I see that the hole has been hit … I see that the connecting hole is a layer of stairs, and I don’t know where it leads. It’s dark inside the stairs, and my fortune holds up a small fireball. Many hands immediately lit up. We walked slowly along the stairs and soon reached a very spacious cave, but the sight here made our stomachs churn. There are many dead bones scattered in front of us. There are several mummies lying on the edge. Tang Yi couldn’t help but frown and say, "alchemy! ?” We didn’t know what he said, but we looked at him one after another and saw him breathe a sigh of relief. "It’s just taking a living person to refine medicine and extract the essence of a living person. It takes less than 20 living people to be refined into a small essence Dan. This is what I saw from the secret of the Tang family, but it’s a forbidden technique. Almost everyone in the world knows this method, but it will appear here?"
"I’m afraid I can’t get rid of a traitor who ran out with you in front of the Tang family." I bluntly said that since he said it was Tang’s secret, he must have had it with Tang … Yali listened to me and said, "Why did you Tang really develop so many harmful things?" Tang Yiwen said with a wry smile, "This was several generations before the Tang family. Generally, these harmful techniques are developed by vicious people in the Tang family with the Tang family’s refined medicine technology. After being discovered by our Tang family, they will usually be executed on the spot and then put this technique on the list to warn people not to touch …"
Just as everyone gathered to listen to Tang Yi’s story, I looked at the brick wall next door and saw several figures of us reflected in the brick wall. I was unprepared, but when I looked closely, I was surprised by a cold sweat! See in addition to all of us behind a fuzzy arm shadow! ? I can’t help but shout "Watch your back!" !” Blue sky smell speech turned to look at the past! But I didn’t find anything puzzled. Look at me. I’ll look at the furry arm in front of the brick wall again. Am I wrong? Just when I was distracted, I suddenly felt a very fast shadow coming at me! I quickly hid on one side! I looked behind and looked for it, but it was still around me. I looked back to signal that Bi Tian was alert. This shadow just now must have been furious! I was lucky to concentrate on listening, and suddenly I felt a slight quiver in front of me, and when I looked at it, I saw the previous shadow hitting Suo Na straight! I sigh bad blue sky has also found a flicker to pounce on the shadow, only to be bypassed by the shadow. But at this moment, I have flickered to Sona’s front to shake hands with the water sword, and blade master’s quarrelling has broken out inside … Suo Na, no, my move is to perceive the crisis and hide behind me. At this time, blue sky has also grasped the ice sword in his hand and continued to pounce on the shadow! With blade master’s quarrelling for protection, I can barely keep up with the moving speed of that shadow, but I can’t see what it is … The speed of the blue sky has been extremely fast, but I still can’t catch up with each other. I look intently to see the shadow coming towards Suo Na while taking advantage of the gap! I quickly cut off Suo Na’s protective water sword after raising his hand! Although it didn’t hit it, it couldn’t get close to it. It was about to go back, but it was kicked by Bitian who came from behind!I snorted and fell to the ground. When it landed, I saw that it was a furry monkey. When I wanted to make sure, I saw it flicker and disappear … It all happened for a few seconds! Tang Yi obviously can’t see each other is silly leng in situ yali gather together a face of tension asked me "if cold brother? What’s wrong? " I shook my head slightly to signal her not to talk and stay close behind me. Now Bitian can attack and I have to protect them!
But I miscalculated! See the shadow of a flicker toward the reduction to become speechless Tang Yi attack in the past! When I saw it, I quickly shouted, "Get down!" After Tang Yi heard the news, he lay unconscious. At this time, Bi Tian had arrived in front of him and blocked the shadow …
Chapter 15 The Adventure of the Cave (in)
After the shadow was stopped by Bi Tian, one wanted to hide sideways, only to be blocked by the ice sword in Bi Tian’s hand, and then he leaned forward and fell down! Staring at him with fierce eyes, I realized that this shadow is really a monkey, but its mouth is full of fangs and its arms are much stronger than ordinary monkeys. Don’t say it’s the necromancer Jie …
The shadow didn’t flash this time, but glared at us angrily. I couldn’t figure out what it was thinking, but suddenly I saw it bite its finger and spill a little blood! Then six lights flashed out! Tang Yi exclaimed, "This is a long-lost psychic!" Before we ask questions, the original bones that fell to the ground seem to be possessed by something … Yali, they were so scared that they could always hide behind me. Although I don’t know how these bones suddenly came alive, they must have something to do with the monkey! Sure enough, Bi Tian realized that he was going straight for the monkey! The monkey expected the danger, and one ducked behind the bones, but the bones rushed at us as if they had identified the target! I quickly asked Tang Yi, who was still numb, "Do you have any panacea? Take it out quickly! " He just came to his senses and shook his head and replied, "The previous array of hearts is over …" It seems that he can recklessly! I can handle it, but the three of him are in danger! Just when I was distracted, I saw Tang Yi singing again! "The fire element! Give play to your poor strength! Swallow everything in sight! Crack the light! " See a blue crescent cut straight at those bones! It seems that there is something in it. Before I want to cut it all, I have directly swept these bones! The bones were cut off in a split second! Then something seemed to be attached to them, and then Tang Yi shouted "Destroy!" Then I saw something with bones exploding! Blow the bones to pieces! Tang Yi retreated and gasped. It seems that he is not very skilled in this magic …
Hiding behind the bones, I saw that my summoned evil spirit department was destroyed, and my eyes showed fierce color and spilled blood again. This call is a huge variation of Warcraft! See the monkey jump into the body of Warcraft and press his finger blood on the head of Warcraft! Immediately send out a dazzling light! Lie ya Li body wolf big alert way "they complete the contract! It’s a little different again … "Wolf takong finished speaking and the head monkey of Warcraft actually slowly merged into it and became one! ? After the light dissipates! Has been combined with Warcraft monkey issued a huge roar! The cave almost collapsed! But before we recovered, it came at us with its huge paws. I quickly hid on tiptoe with Yali and Suo Na! Giant paws jump directly to the ground! Some brick walls have collapsed! I fell to the Yali Shoulder Wolf and shouted, "Wolf is big! Turn into an entity and protect Yali and them! I’ll help! " Yali obviously doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. Seeing her little white shoulder jump, she howled and instantly changed into a blood-red giant wolf! Scared, she quickly leaned over to me, and I motioned them not to be afraid to look at the wolf. When she saw the wolf, she nodded, and I went on tiptoe to join the war!
At this time, the blue sky has been fighting with it, and the monkey beast has become such a big entity in the narrow cave, which obviously suffers! Being attacked by Bitian one after another! But every time the ice sword in Bitian’s hand is about to cut it, it is bounced by a force! Didn’t hurt it at all! See me! Go! Face Tang Yi drink a way "chu gong! Don’t fight it! You cover me and I’ll anesthetize it! " I nodded to him and saw that he took out several flying needles and instilled a lot of magic elements into it, then nodded at me. I came over and jumped in front of the monkey and beast to attract its attention as much as possible! Let noodle Tang Yi seize the opportunity to display his flying needle! Monkeys and beasts came at us with huge claws like flies! But Naibi Bitian is so fast that it falls every time! After a while, it looked angry when it couldn’t be filmed for a long time! A flame came out of his mouth and swept towards us. When we saw it, we quickly flashed sideways. Tang Yi’s eyes flashed and he immediately threw the flying needle in his hand! The flying needle rushed straight at the monkey and beast! But when it was about to hit, it was intercepted by a mysterious force! When the monkey meets the beast, someone plots against it. It lifts its foot and stomps on Tang Yi! When Tang Yi saw it, he quickly hid! I motioned for Bi Tian to continue to attract its attention. I fell to Tang Yi and asked him, "Is there any flying needle just now?" Give me a few! " Tang Yi nodded and took some from his sleeve and handed them to me. "Be careful not to hurt yourself by mistake. This needle poison is enough for you to sleep for three days and nights!" " I gently agreed and took the flying needle he gave me and came to the monkey and beast again to close my eyes and gather together! Remind me that the golden yellow gas has been merged twice before, and many of them have been obedient and gradually trickled out from the heart pulse! I’m fighting with you!I suddenly feel dizzy in my chest! The body was immediately covered with crimson quarrelling! I slowly opened my eyes and felt full of inexhaustible energy!
Looking up at the monkey beast, I got up and quarreled and put the essence into the hands of holding the flying needle! Drink a "go!" The flying needle suddenly grabbed the hand and rushed straight at the monkey beast like a meteor! The monkey beast was attracted to turn around by Bitian at this time! Just showing your ass! Fly straight away, and the needle goes straight to its ass as if it were right! Just as before, it was blocked by a mysterious energy, but this time it was not bounced, but it was hard to drill! Suddenly several flying needles pierced the blocking part and plunged in! It obviously feels a pain in the ass! Turn your head and shoot at me! But quickly sideways to hide in the hands of water sword shake directly toward it! In an instant, the water sword scratched its body with friction! It’s so painful that it howls! Flutter like crazy! The cave has been unable to support itself because of its noise! Constantly issued a collapse! Even the Ministry will collapse soon! Just then, the mad monkey beast knocked down Zhongda Dingding sideways and suddenly roared, which surprised us even more. After the Dingding fell down, Yali’s wall there actually opened a secret door automatically! When I saw that I had spare time, I wanted to quickly signal the Wolf to take Yali and them into the Wolf Congress. After that, I picked them up, threw them behind my back, flapped their wings and got in through the secret door! At this time, the cave outside is close to collapse. I motioned for Bi Tian to go in quickly, and I grabbed him in front of Tang Yi and rushed at the secret door! Seeing that Bitian had taken the lead in rushing in, we immediately rushed in and went straight in. As soon as our front foot entered, we listened to the back "Boom!" An entire cave was flooded with brick and soil! Even the exit of the secret door was covered, and we were trapped inside, and everyone looked at each other and whispered that they had recovered their lives …
"If the cold brother! Xiaobai? How did Xiaobai become so big? " A calm came, and Yali pointed to the wolf and trembled. Suo Na also looked at me with a face of panic. I smiled bitterly. "It’s so good when it comes to the wolf. Go back to being a little white …"
After the wolf heard the news, he let Yali and Suo Na go back and growled softly. Yali became a little white dog again. She was dumbfounded and lifted the wolf up and exclaimed, "Xiaobai, I didn’t know you were so powerful!" Look at her appearance, she seems to have forgotten her panic. I walked to Sona and smiled gently. "Don’t be afraid, Xiaobai is our partner …" Suo Na recovered after listening to me and looked around and asked, "What shall we do now?"
After what she said, I looked around and saw that the secret door was very spacious, and there was a faint light, which made us see the surrounding scene clearly. I looked in the direction of extension, but I couldn’t see the end. I turned to the people and said, "Let’s go in first and have a look …"
They nodded, Tang Yi picked up his fists and thanked him, "Thank you for saving his life just now, or I would have been killed by random bricks at this time …" I shook my head and sighed lightly, "Thanks to your flying needle, the monster outside was in chaos, so we have a chance to escape. Well, let’s hurry. I always feel that the monster will not die so easily …" Tang Yi heard the light answer and then our party went in front of the secret door …
Chapter 16 Cave Adventure ()
"Brother Ruohan, what happened to you?" March yali suddenly saw me crouching over my chest and ran to my side anxiously. Suo Na also looked nervous behind me. I shook my head and said that it was okay. This chest pain was mostly because I just made the sword god force a little self-sufficient, which was not as serious as the first time.
"Chu Gong, if you are uncomfortable, rest." Tang Yi saw that my face was a little uncomfortable. Although Bi Tian didn’t say anything, he also looked at me with a cut face. I got up and smiled and replied, "I’m fine, but I just made the sword power a little uncomfortable now."
"Chu Gong really makes me admire my age, but I am already a sword god. It really surprises me." I am a wry smile. Who said that the sword god must be good? Every time I do it, my chest hurts badly, okay? I’m trying not to go
"All right, let’s go on," I said, and went ahead. The tunnel in this secret door is really long. We all walked for almost one magic hour, and the end was still in sight. Just when I was distracted, I suddenly saw a ray of light in front of me. When I saw it, I signaled everyone to speed up their steps and go around a corner. After that, they came to a double-decker house in the shape of a gourd and looked up to see the first one. There were many shelves full of books. Tang Yi saw so many books and ran ahead. After looking at them for a moment, I couldn’t help but excla Come and see! " Who knows that none of us are interested? I have a headache when I look at it, no matter what kind of medical secrets they are. On the other hand, there are a lot of weapons in it. I picked up a bronze sword and shook it for a few times. I felt that it was not as comfortable as my own water sword. It was heavy and cumbersome, so I put it back where it was. Yali and they both touched it left and looked interested. I set my eyes on the front wall. A giant painting described the scene as if it were a picture scroll of Kadu City. It seems that I have been hanging here for a long time. Can’t help but feel depressed? Come to my mind, the place where he lives must be full of bones because he has seen it all before.
"There seems to be no bed here. It seems to be a simple room. Let’s find out if there is any secret room." Tang Yi came over and said to us. I nodded my head and looked around for a while, but I didn’t find anything. At this time, Yali seemed to meet something and gave a roar. When I saw her and Suo Na, I was also busy and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"| I don’t know … I pulled the dagger when I couldn’t carry it." Yari said and pointed to a recumbent dagger. It seems that it is just that I have just thought of this boom. I have stopped seeing the giant painting hanging just now, and a door came out of it. Tang Yi sighed, "Sure enough, there is a secret room …"
"wow! Why is there another door here? " Yali leaned in, blinked her eyes and exclaimed, I motioned for them, and behind me I walked in with them. As soon as I came in, I felt a strong magic wave! I wonder why I didn’t notice anything outside just now. But I can’t take care of so much. See that we are in front of a very wide room with a bulge in front. It looks like a contest ring in our college. That’s where the magic wave overflows! What surprised me even more was that I couldn’t help being pulled over by my neck necklace! As soon as we got to the middle back, the door "Kuang" automatically closed! We were trapped inside at once. Yali suddenly seemed a little scared. We hid behind me. We slowly approached the uplift in front of us and saw that there were stone animals on all sides. They all bared their teeth as if they were going to pounce on us. I motioned for everyone to follow their lead and walk up the steps. See you in the middle. Sure enough, there is a large magic circle! I ran forward with joy! Seeing a female body lying in the middle of it, I was excited to look at my face! Can’t help but exclaim! "It was Alice! !” Seeing Alice lying quietly in it as if she were asleep, everything was so peaceful. I was so excited that I wanted to rush in and was bounced out by the magic circle! Just when I wanted to rush again, I suddenly felt the ground shake violently! I felt a strong murderous look coming from all sides. Even Yali and others felt the danger and ran to my side. I motioned Bitian to prepare for the battle. After knowing it, he conjured up an ice sword and shook hands with caution and stared at the quartet. Although I really want to get Alice back now, let’s deal with the immediate difficulties first!After I put Yali and them in the protective position, I put the stone statues on all sides of the platform and set off a golden light! We heard several huge howls! Then I saw them actually flapping their wings and flying to half a circle! Finally, blood-red eyes fell on us! Leng blunt come over to us! I can’t shout! Blue sky has taken the lead in welcoming Tang Yi, and has gathered up magic elements to be ready! This time, I ordered the wolf to turn into an entity, staring cautiously at these four monsters! Can make it so alert, even the other side must be very strong! I nodded at the Wolf’s big sign, and blade master’s quarrelling broke out and I was greeted! The four beasts seem to be not afraid of us, waving their wings straight and coming at us! Mouth spit out several golden yellow brilliance straight at us! I can feel that these brilliance are not ordinary! Get out of the way! But Guanghua rushed at the wolf and others. When the wolf saw it, he suddenly and violently yelled and raised the shield! Protect Yali and them! Suddenly a brilliance hit the Wolf shield! Shock shield a shaking almost collapse! And it fell to the ground several times! It is strange that the floor has no effect at all! Is there something special about this floor? But I’ve thought about it in my spare time, and two behemoths have come at me with huge claws! The speed is even better than mine! ?