Hearing this, Gillian glared at the speaker angrily. "Nothing will happen without him. I won’t let anything happen to him. I have been studying the antidote for the past few days and will definitely save him."

"Well, after saving him, he will be grateful. When you let him marry you, he will marry you."
A few people laughed again.
Not far away, Su Wan’s face turned black. I really want to go over there and tear these women’s mouths.
What about her real wife? What’s the matter with this sudden woman?
But now she can’t confirm that Gillian said that the person is Xiao Huang, so she doesn’t have to be angry.
Su Wan was thinking about the laundry by the lake in front. The girl named Gillian got up and walked to the shore with the clothes in the tub.
"I’ll go back first."
"Go, go and know that you don’t trust your little" xianggong ""
Gillian turned around and stared at several women. "You still said."
"Stop talking, stop talking and go."
Gillian walked behind several women whisper; "Do you think that man can really live?"
I don’t know.
Sue wan ignored these people with a wave of her hand and ordered the people around her to go straight to the village in front with Gillian.
Soon several people followed Gillian to a small courtyard in Gillian’s house, surrounded by bamboo fences. There were many vegetables in the courtyard, not only vegetables, but also chickens, ducks and geese.
As soon as Yu Ge followed, he wanted to rush in and see if the people inside were emperors.
But it was stopped by Su Wan, because someone in this place can set up such a large array and say that there are real masters. Who knows what the situation is in this village? If there are powerful people, not only can’t save Xiao Huang, but even they are likely to be taken care of.
"We’ll act late."
Yuge and others no longer speak, but they are still lurking.
Gillian’s family has a father besides him. In the evening, her father came back. This is a middle-aged man. It looks quite a bit like a sage like type with a small wine around his waist. The pace is not like ordinary Zhuang people, but like a prince.
However, Su Wan didn’t come to look at him much, so he was alarmed by an alarm in the room.
I heard a scream "ah, somebody, somebody" in a room in a row of four houses in the yard.
Gillian dad face a change directly went in.
Su Wan’s face changed when she heard the call, and she threw herself into the yard.
Yuge and others followed behind her and went in.
In the room, Gillian is hugging the bed, and a person is nervously shouting, "Dad, help him. Try to help him. He doesn’t seem well."
Su Wan rushed over and pulled Gillian, who was holding the bed tightly, and looked quickly.
This look is really heartbreaking.
The man in bed is Xiao Huang, but Xiao Huang is twitching and struggling in pain at this time, and seems to have suffered great pain.
Su Wan quickly reached out to explore Xiao Huang’s pulse and found that he was poisoned, and it was not a poison, but a mixture of several poisons.
At the moment, several poisons are mixed together, and he is so crazy that he is so miserable.
Su Wan immediately took out the silver needle and planned to give it to Xiao Huang.
I don’t want to reach out behind my back and grab her hand like crazy and scream, "Who are you? What are you doing? I won’t let you hurt him."
Su Wan turned around and stared at Gillian coldly ordering "release".
It’s a pity that Gillian firmly grabbed her. Su Wan’s anger raised her hand and fell. Although Gillian had a strong hand, she would not be thrown out by martial arts.
Behind her stood a middle-aged man, that is, Gillian’s father. His face changed and he stretched out his hand and rushed to hold his daughter.
His face turned ugly, pointing to Su Wan, Yu Ge, Ziyu and others, and cried, "How did you people break into our village?"
Su Wan ignored him, and several silver needles quickly pierced Xiao Huang’s body, and the silver needles entered the acupuncture points. After a while, Xiao Huang’s pain was relieved.
I don’t know if I feel Su Wan’s breath. He actually feels close to Su Wan. Su Wan stretched out his hand and hugged him, and his heart ached.