"oh? Do you really think so? Do you really think I can kill you? "

Hear Li Sheng tune obviously a little tight Ye Han immediately a wry smile this guy is not stupid, I want to easily get out of his words is extremely unlikely.
I already know the answer to this just now. If I try to test him in another way, I may be able to test out something, but it’s a pity that I am. Now that I have alarmed the other party, I will be very careful. If I want to test again, there will be no chance!
Nai, he can also pretend that he didn’t kill Li Sheng’s strength by humble cultivation. After all, it is hard to detect the other party if he doesn’t play it out. He is also a yuan soul realm, and the other party wants to see through his cold cultivation. He hasn’t that ability yet.
And that’s one count. Now that they say they can’t kill Li Sheng, it’s even more impossible to kill Hanshan. You know, Li Shengxiu is not as high as Hanshan. I’m afraid the whole ice city knows that.
So he decided to put up with it. Isn’t that an admission that he is not as good as others? It’s nothing to fix, for example, it depends on the time, but it’s not enough to talk about it, even if people misunderstand that their repair is weak, it’s nothing.
Hey, hey, is Hugh weak? When the time comes, if the enemy underestimates himself, he may be able to "weak and strong."
"Brother Li, why don’t we join hands to get rid of this guy first?"
Hearing this, Ye Han, the leader of the cold family was immediately pleased. Is this Ye Hanxiu not as good as Li Sheng?
In that case, let’s not put doubt on Li Sheng for the time being. First, he teamed up with Ye Han to kill Ye Han, the head of the clan, and then solve it separately.
Hum, although this Ye Hanxiu is not high, it must not be low, right? If you want to fight, no matter who is strong or weak, it will definitely hurt. Then when you are exhausted, you will take advantage of it and kill you two guys who have enemies with the cold family.
"Ha ha you cold home should not be want me to give you revenge directly? Actually, there’s nothing to say directly. Anyway, I’ll help you if you’re idle, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to join hands when the time comes, right? Besides, you and I will join hands to deal with a junior in the Jianghu. If we go out, not only will I have a bad name for Li Sheng, but even your poor family will be no exception? "
Li Shengyi, the leader of the cold family, has already guessed it, but he can’t say much. He can refuse it in another way so that the cold family can dispel the idea.
Although now Li Sheng also don’t know what Ye Hanxiu is like, but after all, I have seen Ye Hanhan’s training, and I can see that some people think that Hanshan almost died in this Ye Han hand.
This shows that Ye Hanxiu will never be lower than Hanshan, so naturally he will not be lower than himself.
But at this moment, he didn’t seem to think that if the great beauty around Ye Han had participated in the war, the situation would have been different. The other two people had to deal with Hanshan one. This is not the time to discuss repair. After all, the other two people may have injured Hanshan even if they work together alone.
Moreover, the beauty xiu didn’t look weak at the beginning. Even if Ye Han didn’t make moves, Hanshan was probably killed by that beauty …
On the whole, at this time, Li Sheng is still trying to see through Ye Han’s strength, and he dare not rashly make moves. Now he is pulled by this cold family. Although he has nothing to fear, he is also unwilling. Why should he lay down his life to help you?
However, he is deeply sorry about this. After all, he has been recruited by the cold family. He can’t refuse, can he? If this goes out, wouldn’t it be said that he is afraid of Ye Han in Li Sheng?
Moreover, it’s unreasonable for from ruin not to kill his friends and enemies. Then I’m afraid it’s more likely to cause cold families to suspect that it’s malicious to say that he doesn’t help revenge …
At this moment, not only Ye Han has a headache, but even Li Sheng can’t be lucky. The only one who is happy is the cold family?
Also want to pull Li Sheng himself to kill Ye Han but don’t want to he incredibly still disdain to listen to this tone as if want to do it alone!
"Ha ha, Li Xiong is right, but let Li Xiong avenge our cold family. This is also somewhat unreasonable. Let’s let the cold family solve this matter by themselves. Li Xiong can watch the battle!"
Although Li Sheng said that he would act alone, how can the family feud of the cold family rely on an outsider to solve himself but dare not start work?
Nai-han’s leaders either crustily skin of head and choose their own revenge, or they can’t bother outsiders. What’s worse, this outsider is probably an enemy of his own clan …
Besides, from Li Sheng’s words, he can also hear some fancy ideas, knowing that he must have declined the real root by borrowing words, so he didn’t make moves, which also made his heart more convinced that Li Lishi was the biggest enemy of the cold family
And this Ye Han not to say? He is not very high, although I don’t know exactly, but if it is not higher than Li Sheng, then there is still a way to deal with it. Although Li Sheng is unwilling to help, he must let the people behind him join hands to defeat Ye Han.
At least he has reason to believe that these people in his family are not even rivals, and he is a weaker person than Li Sheng.
"Hey, what did you discuss? Who is going to die? "
Ye Han listening to the conversation between two people here is naturally funny. Both sides have their own ideas and want each other to make the first move. What must be afraid of?
"You …"
After listening to Ye Han’s provocative words, not only the cold family, but also Dr. Li, who has never wanted to make moves, are angry. Is this guy really his natural enemy? I cann’t believe that everyone is in front of him.
Don’t … Don’t he really hide?
"Brother Han, since he talks big, let’s kill him together, big sleep!"
Finally angered, Li Sheng didn’t care about any Jianghu morality. He knew that he might beat Ye Han, so he no longer worried about being laughed at. He insisted on pulling the cold family to deal with Ye Han [851] [Ice War].
"Well, let’s kill this arrogant guy first!"
Be Li Sheng so say cold family immediately in the heart a joy Ye Han Ye Han, you really are our cold family’s lucky star, and this guy Li Sheng was pulled into our ranks in a word!
If Ye Han knew that the cold family would laugh at this time if they wanted to, was the cold family’s forehead hit by a stone? Kill them yourself, young master, and call yourself a lucky star?
Soon, there are also a few people in the cold family who look a little ugly. These people are obviously in the heart. Ye Han is a lucky star. He was excited and wrong before, but now he feels embarrassed!