Huangfu’s mother went over to "Jia Jia be careful" and helped Mu Lijia up again.

When lifting up, Huangfuyanhao walked over and knocked off his mother to help her hand. At that time, Mu Lijia fell backwards.
Others is a big surprise.
"Jia Jia … Jia Jia …" Any suspection.i mother face a scared hurried over and helped her.
"Jia Jia, how are you?" Meng Minting is also anxious to go over and hold her daughter.
Mu Lijia put her hand over her belly and turned a little pale. She tossed and turned and said, "It hurts … my stomach hurts."
My stomach hurts more than my period.
I feel that the baby in my stomach wants to lose it.
"What? Abdominal pain Jia Jia, don’t scare your mother. "
"Blood Jia Jia may have a miscarriage and be sent to the hospital first." Mother suspection.i looked at Mu Li Jia and saw a stream of blood flowing out of her thigh.
Ouyang Yu hurriedly pulled Huangfuzi Xin into his arms and covered her eyes from her.
"roll this is your suspection.i home kindness to let my daughter now abortion.
Husband carriage Jia Jia is really painful now. "
Scold Meng Minting in batches and swore in my heart that I would never be at odds with Huangfu’s family.
Deah343 Mu Lijia Abortion
"Huangfuyan, we will never meet in the shopping mall after we have longed for our family." Muchuyou angrily left this sentence, "Jiajia, you wait a little longer, Dad and Ma will take you to the hospital." Then he stared at the Huangfu family and roared off.
"Mom, my stomach hurts. Is my child gone?" Mu Li Jia’s face was pale without a trace of color, and she asked Meng Minting with pain.
"Jiajia won’t, won’t, don’t talk. You’ll be fine with your mother."
"Mom, tell me if the child is gone?"
"Jiajia won’t, won’t."
Mu Lijia didn’t believe her mother’s words. When Huangfu’s mother said that she was bleeding, she realized that she had miscarried because she didn’t want to face the truth. She also wanted this child as a bargaining chip.
How can I have an abortion? But the truth is cruel. I told her that her baby was feeling slowly separated.
"Hao, how can you be so cruel? He is our child."
"I want children, I want children, I want children, I want children to come to the world safely."
Huangfuyanhao gave her a disgusting look, which she deserved.
"How did our generation offend your suspection.i family and treat my daughter like this?"
Meng Minting cried and roared, and she still glared at the suspection.i family.
Don’t want her to have children. She wants children. That’s the only child with Huangfuyanhao. How can you leave her?
"Hao, you give me my child, you give me my child, I let you go, you give me my child, will you give me my child?"
Begging her for nothing. She wants a baby.
I really don’t want anything. She wants children. That’s Huangfuyanhao and her children. She gave Huangfuyanhao back to Xia Yixi. She doesn’t want him. She wants children.
"Mom, I beg you, I beg you. You tell Hao that I don’t want anything. I want children." Mu Lijia begged Huangfu’s mother to say.
Huangfuyanhao looked at it, and it was 1: 00 in 15 minutes. No, I have to go quickly.
He can’t let Xia Yixi go.
"Xin, our horse went to find Xia Yi Sunseeker Yu, and my parents gave it to you first."
"I’ll explain it to you when mom and dad come back."
Before everyone could react in a hurry, Huangfuyanhao took her sister and left the scene rapidly.
"Hao, don’t go, don’t go, I want me … baby." After that, she fainted
"Jia Jia Jia, wake up. Don’t scare mom and husband. Husband Jia Jia fainted."
All the way, Huangfuyanhao is riding the car directly, clutching the steering wheel with both hands and keeping a close eye on the road ahead, as if looking for something he loves lost.
"Brother, be careful, don’t be so fast," said Huangfuzi Xin, comforting her brother in the passenger seat.
It’s the first time that she saw her brother driving so fast. It’s a bit like being in a hurry to be reborn, and she’s afraid of being thrown out suddenly.
How do you say "xin son implement? Where is she? " Huangfuyanhao ignored her sister’s words and asked with anxiety
"I told her at Yi Xi’s house that I’m going to find her now and wait for me at her house."
Hearing this, Huangfuyanhao sped up the speed and soared to Xia Yi Sunseeker’s house.
There were five minutes left when I saw it.
The car ran to the door and shouted at the door.
But someone came to the door in a second.
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