"Cough … the scenery here is good!"

Su Ling covered up her embarrassment and coughed lightly for a while, then she turned her eyes to the Moon Lake outside the original painting, but her mind was in full swing.
Hector even love song body is a body in other countries’ quality institutions, and he has been trained since childhood to be very careful and sensitive. He also doesn’t want to ask more questions about Su Ling’s slight evasion of changing the subject.
But after this time, he knows that if there is an opportunity, he will definitely not let Su Ling get drunk again!
"Haven’t you been here before?" Even the love songs follow Su Ling’s words, but it is said that two people have a left and a right boat string, and Su Ling’s cheeks are shining by the corner of the sun, and the flawless skin is crystal clear.
Hector even love songs can’t help but look at the line of sight to the side Su Ling. At this time, her hair is a little messy at the side of the boat, and she is naughty when the breeze blows.
A plain pleated skirt sets off her delicate and exquisite figure, such as helping Liuzi to be beautiful, clear and charming.
Su Ling looked at the Moon Lake in a daze and quietly shook her head when she heard the love songs of Hector even. "It will be annoying to see too many good times!"
"Oh, I hope this is not your hangover!" Hector even love song seems to be a self-deprecating wry smile for a moment, and then the line of sight will be withdrawn from the body, and the eyes will look at the mountains and rivers with nostalgia, and the long curly eyelashes of the optical fiber will be stirred up quietly with him.
Su Ling "…"
But I got drunk once and let him see the joke!
"What was your previous song?" Hector even love songs seem to find themselves talking something wrong, and soon the conversation turned back and remembered saying’ I’ll give you arms’ from her mouth. She was always silent and relaxed, and seemed to be filled with something for an instant, and her emotions became unbalanced.
Su Ling was surprised. "Did I sing?"
"I haven’t heard you sing and remember a few lyrics! This is a simple little love song … "The apex of Hector even’s love song tensed up when his low voice slowly revealed this sentence.
They met twice and she called herself a little love song!
I don’t want to think much, but my emotions are always out of my control. Even the love songs look at Su Ling’s eyebrow expression, and my heart is getting tighter. The more I suppress my thoughts, the more futile I am.
He doesn’t want to admit that he is inferior. Although he and several princes in the palace have been excellent on the surface for so many years, his status and position are there. Even if everything looks good, he knows that real emotions and sorrows are always in the corner of people, and he will experience them by himself.
Of course, he is also satisfied with his present life. After all, Qi Chu has never wronged him, but since he met Su Ling, he has found himself miserable in the past eleven years.
He is naturally shattered in her casual and self!
This love song of Hector even seems to have fallen into his own dream for a long time, and Su Ling is not well after hearing him read that lyric.
When did she sing? Why doesn’t she remember at all? Besides, singing a little love song is her own death, and no one can stop it!
"A … I hum at will just think it matches your name! Hehe! " Su Ling tried to muddle through the singing with haha, but she didn’t want to suddenly come back. Even the love song seems to have great interest in it.
Hector even love song eyes soft light shallow overflow end looking at Su Ling pretty face casually say a word let Su Ling almost jump into the lake!
"Then can you sing it again?"
Nani? !
Su Ling looked at Hector even love songs with a puzzled look. At this moment, she felt drunk again. Otherwise, how could she be so dizzy!
"Huang Sao? So you are awake! " The slightly discordant sound in the beautiful scenery coincided with the arrival of Su Ling, who sighed slightly in her heart and threw a line of sight to Hector even’s love song. Then they both turned around at the same time and "just woke up!"
Even if you are traveling together, at this time, Yan Er is still dressed in a grand and luxurious palace. It seems that you can’t meet people if you are not decent.
As burn smoke son came together and Hector even jinse both eyes are holding the how much look and suspicious Su Ling and Hector even love song body shuttle.
"The princess didn’t expect you and my brother to be so good!" Hector even jinse raise seemingly charming smile eyes, two people turned a circle and then yan mouth smiled and said.
When they come together, they happen to see that Su Ling is awake, but it is difficult to get along with Hector even’s love song alone, which will lead to other ideas. Su Ling knows this very well.
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Hector even love song whispered to the Jinse, and then nodded to the burning smoke son, indicating that several people walked slowly away from the ship’s string in their own thoughts.
Brave man, don’t go!
Su Ling couldn’t help shouting at Hector’s love song in his heart. He didn’t turn this place into a battlefield for women! Nima, she just woke up and doesn’t want to have a brainstorming battle so soon, dear!
Heon Jinse noticed that Su Ling was staring at the back of Heon’s love song and didn’t take back her eyes. She couldn’t help but look at the two of them smiling at the same time. Then she said, "Princess, my brother has left. Don’t look!"
If this is a good friend, it should be a teasing joke, but if it is said by Hector even Jinse, the deep meaning will have to be pondered.
She knew that Hector even Jinse was going to marry burn assumed the dust, so it should be now that she has regarded herself as an imaginary enemy! It’s a pity that she’s wrong. The other party is Huang Yinchen. She’s dismissive of the jealousness and jealousy drama. She won’t get a response!
Although she has a little feeling for Hector’s love song, at present, she can only say that feeling less for him is better than burning the dust!
I secretly thought that Su Ling then looked at the Moon Lake with her long hair on her cheeks, and her tone was disappointed. "The princess really loves jokes!"
See Su Ling didn’t want to explain her intention. Even the Jinse couldn’t help secretly grinding her teeth. How could she be so indifferent? Was she so afraid when they saw her alone with a man? !
"Sister-in-law, you shouldn’t have seen your brother yet. To tell the truth, the palace didn’t know that you and Hector even knew it so early, so the palace sent someone to invite you earlier. But speaking of it, I also want to thank Jinse for her brother today. She specially took time out of her busy schedule to travel together. If it weren’t for seeing you and Hector even on the streets of Jinse, I’m afraid I would have missed it!" Burn smoke son put his hands on his chest and put them on the frame to see Su Ling.
A word is gentle and long, but the meaning revealed in it is not gentle!
Su Ling looked at the sparkling moon lake, and the ripples on the lake kept rippling, as if she were being burned with smoke, so sarcastically, she could hear clearly, but now it was not the time to confront her head-on
The folding of the brow involuntarily exudes rage. Su Ling hangs her eyes and puts her hands on the boat for a moment, but she doesn’t look at the lake instantly. Even if there are many ideas and ideas in her heart, it’s like a thunderous face and a shallow smile like Pinghu. "The princess really wants to thank the princess and the princess for their kindness. Speaking of it, we may all be a family, so we must say that we are so unfamiliar! The princess knows that the princess and the prince are very rich, and if the hostess of the palace marries the princess, she will get along well with you and try to make the prince get wet! "
Who wouldn’t pack calves!
If the palace is calculating, she Su Ling is not bad at all!