Ye Han took Xing Yuan Si Shao to release the scenery along the way and didn’t appreciate it well. The target was directed at the far west. They had learned about Yan Qing’s place from Xing Yuanmen Intelligence Office.

This even Ye Han had to admire this inflammatory Qing Sect, but it was the first sect in the day, and it was very mysterious. I didn’t expect it to be discovered by the Xingyuan Gate Agent. It is conceivable how powerful this Xingyuan Gate Agent is.
Yanqing Sect is located in the west of the mainland, that is, in the west of Lieyuan, a mountain and river thousands of miles away. Because the sects advocate secrecy all the year round, few people have been able to know where they are.
According to the report of Xingyuanmen Intelligence Office, this inflammation and youth Sect is in this mountain and river, which is the largest mountain and river in the mainland. It is located in the ice forest in the extreme west of the mainland. Because the desert is dangerous all the year round, everyone calls this mountain and river the extreme west, and if you go west, there will be no life.
In the desert, even if the Xingyuan gate agent did not dare to go, he did not know much about it, but as far as Ye Han Qingyun’s memory is concerned, he can find a rough idea of it in the desert.
It turns out that this desert land is shrouded in layers of poisonous fog all the year round, and this poisonous fog is extremely corrosive, so this land can be seen no matter whether it is birds, animals, insects, fish or flowers and trees.
Naturally, even people dare not go to that place at will. Even when they had the realm of the Yuan God, they entered that place once, and they didn’t go in long before they felt that the poisonous fog was too severe, so they withdrew and never went there again.
Imagine where the masters of the monist realm dare not approach at will, and the degree of danger can be imagined. Now Ye Han and others are afraid to make that idea. So the goal of their trip is limited to the desert east. If they find Yan Qingzong, they will not venture into the poisonous fog.
We didn’t encounter any danger all the way west, but it wasn’t until the fifth day that five people came to a place farther west. Because of the hard flight in recent days, everyone felt a little tired, so they decided to stay here for another night to recuperate and continue their journey.
It was a calm night, which gave everyone a good rest night. After this night’s rest, the hard work of traveling for several days was finally thrown away from the body, and when everyone got up the next day, everything was back to normal.
But the next morning, five people packed up and prepared to continue westward, and they saw several dark shadows in the mountains not far away. It seemed to be a fight.
See someone Ye Han immediately came to the interest, not that he wanted to fight, but that in recent days, he almost forgot the southeast and northwest, and he had to set the pathfinding target for those men in black who were fighting.
In this way, a fight is definitely indispensable, but Ye Han is not afraid of these. Nowadays, except Ye Han, who has reached the realm of Yuan body, he has almost entered the realm of Yuan soul. Ordinary fighting is a piece of cake for them, and Ye Han feels that he has no need to make moves.
Natural Wei and Lin Jie don’t like fighting, but they are forced to join in. After all, no matter how men don’t want to fight, they have to think about their own interests. Think about it. I don’t know how long it will take to find Yan Qingzong without fighting. Besides, their partners all want to fight. If they shrink, they will be laughed at.
I’ve seen Ye Han in the cold wind, and I know that he’s aggressive and brave. Besides, he lost Ye Han’s hand with so many experts. He feels ashamed. If he wants Ye Han to fight and get back, he doesn’t think it’s necessary. Well, strictly speaking, he should try and know that he’s lost. There’s no need to cut his own throat.
But seeing that we can finally fight today, he decided to vent everything to the group of men in black or show Ye Han that he was not a vegetarian. It was because you were too good to cover up my strength … Well, this is his own step!
Lin Fengze, on the other hand, pretends that he is Ye Han’s apprentice and wants to show his master what he can do. Maybe he will teach himself a few tricks when he recognizes that he can make materials!
At the end of the day, this master seems to be very incompetent. He has never taught himself anything. From accepting his disciples to now, he even has little chance to meet formally … Alas, it is not good to learn from him!
But then again, this master really gave himself a lot of thoughts. If it weren’t for this master’s name, he couldn’t have made a good name for Xingyuanmen. Now many new brothers call themselves lifelong uncles. This taste is not generally pleasant and can’t be enjoyed by ordinary people!
Moreover, I was personally afraid of being called a bad guy in secret before I joined the master, but I became a good man and a great good man after I joined the master. Although all this has something to do with my own repentance, it is also a blessing from the master!
"Let’s go and see that you are all hungry and want to eat people. It seems that it is impossible to prevent you from showing your skills!" Looking at these four people without a fight will make them feel uncomfortable all over. Ye Hannai shook his head and said, "I really want to find that group of black people. The trouble is to turn a blind eye and finally I can’t help but encourage them. I really want everyone to rush to the group of black people who are full and have nothing to do this fight … Ahem, the black people are beaten up!"
Did they fight when they were really full and had nothing to do? Er ….. This is not Ye Han’s consideration. Anyway, he thinks it is necessary for this group of men in black to meet their ambition!
Ye Han’s voice just fell and he was not ready to rush, so he saw that Lin Feng had disappeared. When he looked again, he realized that he had rushed and was chopping out a palm to attack a black dress person with his back to him.
In the blink of an eye, Ye Han found that this guy in the cold wind had disappeared. He just suspected that he was involved in this war, and he saw that his hands had already taken two men in black, and the two chapters were bloody enough to smash two heads …
Ye Han secretly scolded who are these people? Each one is bloodier than the other! But before he could sigh, he saw that Wei and Lin Jie also participated in it and just shot a black man each.
Look at this posture. Ye Han feels that he has to make moves. If they kill all of them, they can’t kill anyone. It doesn’t matter if they kill all of them on a whim. Who else can they ask for directions?
"Keep people in your hands!" Ye Han’s flying tactic against the wind suddenly shows his shape and reappears in the blink of an eye. It’s already a black dress person’s head. Seeing him stepping on a black dress person’s head, the black dress person’s head has been twisted and deformed directly!
Boy, that’s what I meant. Well, you can’t get too much blood on your hands. If you have trouble repairing your feet, you can’t get blood on your feet anyway!
Master is not the kui is a master who acts better than a disciple … This is Lin Feng’s idea that this master is amazing. Killing people is so particular. It is agreed that he wants to keep people alive, but he didn’t expect to change the way of killing people!
Pei, throw yourself at the ground! The one in Lin Feng’s heart who shouted that he didn’t see the wrong person, the master did have something true. He refused to teach himself something. Unexpectedly, he didn’t follow him until he came out with him. He taught himself a trick in less than six days. What is this called? Well, I must ask you later.
But now, although I don’t know what it’s called, I still learned to, uh, kick my feet without hands … Thinking about Lin Feng’s lunch, I jumped up and kicked the head of the person in front of me directly, and the other party didn’t even scream, so it was gone, and now it seems that I haven’t got blood on my feet because of a head kick!
Gee … Master, I admire this trick even more for you. Well, killing people without blood … Ahem, seeing a big blood column "poof" gushed out from that man’s neck is spectacular …
Besides, this foot is really good, and the other person died directly without any pain, and this head movement is quite handsome enough to charm thousands of girls …
Maybe let Ye Han know that his idea will directly knock him on the head. If the girls really see such a bloody scene, don’t they just faint? Of course, there are also some bold practitioners who are not afraid of blood, and some women who are naturally fond of bloodthirsty will not care about these.
But this trick is really wonderful. It can scare the girl. Gee, if it goes to a flower thief, it will lose a lot of drugs. Well, it will cost Dan pharmacist a lot of money again …
Cough cough, don’t teach your disciples bad, but it’s really a good move. Try it another day. It’s Xiaoli. They don’t seem to be afraid of this scene, do they? I thought they all liked to make such a scene!
Oh, my good disciple, give the master some better inspiration. This is nothing for your master …
Ye Han was thinking about suddenly seeing a man in black flying towards him and immediately raising his foot to kick him out, but then he suddenly stopped [95] [the first pole of the west]
"It’s so unkind to rely on you guys to kill them all. Fortunately, if I stop, I won’t be alive today!" Ye Hangang wanted to lift his feet to kick the man, but suddenly he found that all the men in black were lying around him with no head, feet and hands, and he was directly divided into two parts.
Seeing that all the survivors were gone, Ye Han had to kill the last survivor with bloodthirsty nature. This massacre was all for nothing. You know, his main purpose this time is not to kill people. If it weren’t for Lin Feng’s enthusiasm, he wouldn’t bother to come here. Gee … It’s really boring to kill these Yuanying realm practitioners!
"Master, this is not the time to stop, it is just to close your feet!" Windson came out and pointed out the mistakes in Ye Han’s speech.
"Yes, my brother-in-law used to kill people with his feet!" The cold wind also came out to express my admiration in my heart … Ahem, it’s my brother-in-law. This brother-in-law doesn’t even look like a person at all. Even this method of killing people wants to come out!