The flying crane man Xiaojingang turned his head and ran after the two diamond rings in the past, as if suddenly he was psychic. On where Xiaojingang flew, the big diamond ring did not fall behind. The flying crane man was sweating and pointed his finger at his baby and shouted "Stop! Stop! Hit it! " But I’ve always been obedient before, baby. It seems that I suddenly don’t listen. I ignore the flying crane people’s orders and run around as if I’m scared to chase after the Great Diamond Ring.

However, Xiaowannian Xuanjing Iron Concentrate is also disobedient. On how Xiaoxiao wants to take it back, it is indifferent. All the way after Xiaojingang circle in front, the posture is like suddenly meeting an enemy who killed his father. It seems that he will never give up until he catches up.
In everyone’s eyes, these two diamond rings suddenly flew to the far, far away horizon and then flew back, so they went back and forth for a long time. Finally, Xiao Jingang was determined not to escape suddenly and stood firm.
As soon as it stopped, the Great Diamond Circle stopped almost at the same time, and it stood opposite the Little Diamond Circle.
Xiaojingang circle shook slightly and turned into a pair of big scissors. The blade was cold and shiny and looked sharp. By the way, it closed two times and made a "crack" sound as if it were a demonstration. "If you chase me again, I’ll cut you in two!"
The flying crane man was so dumbfounded that his mouth was watering. He took over the Kunlun Gate and had this mysterious diamond ring for decades. He never knew that the diamond ring would change its shape and never realized that the diamond ring body was conscious.
Conscious fairy. How awesome fairy would that be?
However, the other party’s fairy is actually conscious, not only conscious, but also seems to be a little more awesome than his own fairy. Now the situation is quite obvious. The baby of the chosen door has been oppressing his baby intensely, which is not a good sign.
Sure enough, the Great Diamond Ring didn’t disappoint the flying crane people. When it saw the small diamond ring turned into scissors, it suddenly turned into a pair of scissors, and the head was a little bigger than the other one.
"Cha Cha" is the same as two times, and that meaning is quite obvious. How dare you cut me? Then let’s see who has the sharper edge!
Small scissors did not dare to recklessly, but it changed into a sledgehammer and smashed it at the big scissors.
Scissors don’t hide or flash in the same place, and they all see that the metal texture seems to suddenly turn into running water and flow softly, and then change shape in an instant and become a bigger hammer to meet each other’s hammers.
"David Tang" in a row, everyone’s ears were buzzing with shock. The small hammer spelled this note. It seemed to be weakened and trembled for a long time. Suddenly, it faced the sledgehammer and did not attack or transform itself. Instead, the hammer handle bent and bent and started to move repeatedly. The sledgehammer stopped in front of it and did not move with it this time.
"This … what is this?" The flying crane voice trembled and asked the teacher younger brother around him
Fei Yun swallowed and trembled, "Master, if I expected it, it’s … it’s … it’s a bow for mercy."
It seems that Feiyun is really "as expected". The small hammer begged for mercy for a long time and finally gave up the resistance to the wind and became the original diamond ring "snapping" when it fell to the ground.
The sledgehammer also turned into a big diamond ring in the wind, and jumped at it without hesitation. "David Tang" just hit the small diamond ring and immediately covered it with a perfect fit.
"God, what the hell is this?" The voice of the flying crane trembled. "I’m mysterious, I’m mysterious, I’m a fairy in Kunlun, and it … why is it out of order?"
"This is not a failure." Xiao laughed. "I’m really sorry today, master. Your fairy device may never belong to Kunlun."
"What?" The flying crane brushed a drawn flying sword. "Don’t you dare to rob my baby. My brother from Kunlun vowed to fight you to the end!"
"It’s not my fault, blame yourself. Who asked you to take this thing out?" He pointed and circled twice. "You call these two things the mysterious iron diamond circle, but do you know that they actually have another name?"
"What’s the name?"
"Xuanjing concentrate!" Kan Kan Jr. talks about "Xuantie concentrate is the purest gold iron gas in heaven and earth, and the longer it is, the purer the gold iron gas will be, and the greater its power will be. We all have a history of thousands of years. It is reasonable to say that it should be a tie, but …"
He shook his head and sighed with a Gherardini face. "It’s a pity that you have a fatal flaw in this dark iron."
The flying crane man swallowed. "What shortcomings?"
At this time, the two pieces of black iron have been completely integrated, and the black iron flew to his hand with a wave. It looked like a heart.
Small carefree way "you this piece of black iron is mother and I this piece of black iron is male"
"Bang!" Everyone fell down.
The flying crane man flew into a rage. "Don’t deceive others too much, Lord God. These treasures are artifacts and not human beings. What’s the difference between male and female? You don’t know what magic method cheated me. The mysterious iron diamond circle is still talking nonsense here!"
"You are Hu said!" The little face sank and exclaim, "Heaven and earth have been divided into yin and yang since the beginning, and everything in heaven has to obey this law. You are not only ignorant of treasures, but even the most basic evolution of yin and yang is not white. You dare to say that you have lost all the decent faces of famous families!"
The flying crane man wanted to scold him again, but he froze when his eyes stared at him and he couldn’t say anything anymore.
Small look but relaxed to smile. "Since making love between Yin and Yang is the most basic principle of heaven and earth, then your mother met my husband. Of course, they immediately became lovers. You know, they have grown for tens of thousands of years, and it’s rare to meet a similar one. It’s just a great fate that they can’t wait. Now they are integrated, and even if they want to divide again, it’s impossible."
At this moment, all Kunlun brothers have a dream feeling that they have seen and heard a lot in their lives, but such an incredible thing is that they will never have a chance to meet again after meeting it for the first time in their lives. Even the flying crane man who looks like life can’t help but ask, "So … So why don’t they listen to you?"