Xiaoyuan saw the waves coming from across the street, and when the waves approached, Xiaoyuan turned and walked into the inner room without saying hello to the waves.

The waves walked into the small room and sat in a small chair. There was a notebook on the table in front of him.
Small looked up and looked at the waves laughed, "you and Lao Lin Gong lover Cai Yujuan bed work will be really good, you see …"
Small hand pointed to the brain picture and smiled. "This was monitored last night. I recorded it and carved it into a CD."
The waves walked behind Xiao Xiao and looked at the brain picture, which was replaying the bed battle between Cai Yujuan and Li Jianfeng.
The camera is facing the big bed in Cai Yujuan’s bedroom. Li Jianfeng and Cai Yujuan are having sex naked.
The pinhole camera of the waves is shot in high definition, and the picture is very clear. From the picture, it can be seen that Li Jianfeng is a man in his mid-twenties. Although he is not handsome, he is a good man. Seeing his bed performance, although his physical strength is good, it is not enough. Cai Yujuan is almost teaching Li Jianfeng to take the initiative, such as * * making the waves a little dumbfounding. Cai Yujuan actually made Li Jianfeng copy the waves yesterday afternoon. Li Jianfeng, a master of * *, is clumsy for a while, but he can barely cope with Cai Yujuan.
The waves moved a chair to sit and Xiaotian slowly appreciated.
Xiaotian made fun of the waves while watching. It’s too bad for a woman because Cai Yujuan is a slut. She not only sleeps with Lin Linan, but also loves Li Jianfeng. The waves even say that such a woman is all over. You can’t think about Cai Yujuan. You won’t know her beauty until she is good-looking and charming, otherwise Lin Linan won’t be infatuated with her for several years.
While chatting, the two men watched the bed battle between Cai Yujuan and Li Jianfeng. When they watched it, it was already going on, and it lasted for nearly half an hour before it disappeared.
Wait until the bed two people breathe a little. Cai Yujuan’s lazy bed turned over and took some cash out of the bedside table to put the bed gently and seductively. Looking at Li Jianfeng, he said
"Here’s a hundred thousand dollars. You can take it."
Li Jianfeng looked at the bed, money still looked up at the sky, but his eyes were shining with pain. Although the waves and Xiaotian looked from the brain, Li Jianfeng’s pain could still be seen, showing how intense Li Jianfeng’s pain was.
The wave suddenly discover that this Li Jianfeng is a man with strong self-esteem!
Cai Yujuan knew what Li Jianfeng was suffering from. She climbed to Li Jianfeng charmingly and kissed Li Jianfeng tenderly like a claw fish. She said, "I know you are stronger and don’t want my money, but your parents are sick and your little sister has to pay your salary. It’s not enough for me to lend it to you. Okay, you can take it!"
Li Jianfeng sighed and said, "I have already taken more than 200,000 yuan from you. How dare I take your money again?"
Cai Yujuan’s eyes seemed to be red with injustice and said, "I know you look down on me for recognizing my money as dirty, that Lan Tianxing gave me black money, and that Lin Linan gave me money for prostitution …"
Li Jianfeng’s lips kissed Cai Yujuan’s lips and wouldn’t let her talk.
They kissed for three minutes before Li Jianfeng said, "Don’t say that. It hurts me to say that. It’s because I have nothing to do to make money and I have to spend your money. I can’t afford to be arrogant in front of you!"
Cai Yujuan said, "It’s not that you didn’t get it. It’s that you’re too upright. Others accept Blue Star money. If you don’t accept it, you’ll be excluded from your unit. The more you refuse to go along with them, the more they exclude you, the less you can get promoted."
Li Jianfeng said, "First, I want to be lofty, but now I just want to accept the money from Blue Star. My position is too small, and Blue Star doesn’t look down on me. If he wants to buy my leadership, he won’t give me any more money."
Cai Yujuan said, "It’s a little late for you to figure it out now. If we’re not like this, I can talk to Lin Linan about getting him promoted to your position, but if I come to your office, Lin Linan may doubt that I can’t help you get promoted, but I can help you economically."
Li Jianfeng said coldly, "I don’t want Lin Linan to help me. I don’t want him to be promoted to my position!"
Yu-juan CAI know Li Jianfeng jealous Lin Linan sighed and said nothing.
Li Jianfeng also didn’t speak.
Two people bed * * lying naked who didn’t speak dignified atmosphere at the moment.
See the novel "Mom just thought Li Jianfeng was a good bird, but she also regretted not taking money! He still pretends to be lofty. Now he is lying in a bed full of people playing with women and flowers, and the silver bird is lofty! "
The waves are deep, but he just felt that Li Jianfeng was a good man who refused to accept the money from Blue Star. It turned out that he didn’t receive money and his colleagues excluded him. Because his official position was too small, Blue Star didn’t have a chance to receive the money. It’s not that he didn’t want to accept it. Hey, hey, Elaine Lin also asked her how upright her boyfriend was! If Elaine Lin sees her respected boyfriend and someone else’s mistress in bed, it’s strange that she doesn’t vomit blood!
Just now, when I recognized Li Jianfeng as a good man, the waves hesitated for a moment to give up this CD-ROM to Elaine Lin so that Elaine Lin and Li Jianfeng could live their lives well. No one knows who had a lover’s history in the past, but now the waves heard that Li Jianfeng was not a very pure man, so he decided to give it to Elaine Lin to destroy the perfect image in Li Jianfeng’s heart and let Elaine Lin feel the waves.
It is this little CD that can change the lives of Elaine Lin and Li Jianfeng, and the lives of many more people!
Liu Fuli was a little embarrassed and looked at the waves sitting next to him.
Lan Tianxing said, "Xiaohai is my brother and all of us are our own. It doesn’t matter!"
Liu Fuli scratched his head and turned red because of drunkenness. He said, "To tell you the truth, Lan always left you yesterday, and then I went to play … I not only lost all the 500,000, but also owed more than 300,000 creditors, saying that if I don’t pay the money tonight, you’re welcome to me …"
Lantingxing silently looked at Liu Fuli, but quietly looked at Liu Fuli without speaking.
Liu Fuli saw that Lan Tianxing didn’t talk and couldn’t figure out what Lan Tianxing was thinking. He was afraid that Lan Tianxing wouldn’t agree to his request. He said, "I know that I shouldn’t open my mouth to you again, but now my brother, I have a hard time. I hope you can help me this time. If you don’t give me this face, hey hey …"
Liu Fuli sneered at his two faces, showing a kind of fear, arrogance and bullying, which obviously suggested that Lan Tianxing "don’t blame me for not giving you a face if you can’t meet me!"
Lan Tianxing still didn’t speak. He bent down and took out the money from the safe again. This time, he took out 500,000 yuan and put his desk neatly. He said faintly, "Is 500,000 yuan enough?"
Liu Fuli greedily looked at the cash on the table and even said, "That’s enough! Enough! This money is what I borrowed from Manager Lan. When I come back, I will return it to Manager Lan. "
Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "I will never take back the money I gave my brother. Take it first and come to me if it is not enough."
The waves brought a black woven bag and handed the money to Liu Fuli. "Liu Kechang took it."
Liu Fuli took the money, thanked him and turned to go.
Lan Tianxing said, "Miss Liu is still waiting for Section Chief Liu to walk again and again without rest?"
Liu Fuli smiled back while holding the purse. "See you back when I return the money!"