The huge yellow door is indestructible, but there are gaps. Now there are several black fog seeping through these gaps. Fant will not think that this is to poison him. Infante can feel that these black fog are familiar as black fog himself.

Does he want to do it himself? If so, Fant intends to go directly to get it, but it’s a pity that these black fog are not men in black, but are slowly approaching Fant because they don’t condense human figures. These things like tentacles seem to be testing Fant
Fant’s face froze, and he had a bad feeling in his heart. Although the black fog looked like a trace, it seemed as if there was life, and he wanted to escape from the ghosts around him. Fant suddenly had an idea in his heart. Is he food?
Just as Fant’s idea was just born in his heart, Fant found that the black fog boiled up and dared not recklessly. Fant’s feet moved back rapidly
"Hey? Did the first player in Atlanta run away without fighting? What a shame! "The black dress person teased the sound like a cat and mouse. 639.
This is the boundary tomb, and Fante knows that a grain of sand in it may not be simple, so these strange actions and black fog must not be underestimated
"Did he come out from here? Is his real identity really the front line? " Fant thinks that the identity of a man in black is like a cloud, which is hard to imagine, but one thing is certain: this man in black is not simple.
The black fog is not fast, but it spreads the whole channel like a poisonous fog, swallowing the surrounding gas bit by bit and swallowing everything around it.
Fant is extremely calm. If he doesn’t keep calm, he will die. Even if Fant saw the black fog covering everything up, he didn’t panic. Instead, he came to the second floor entrance, but his face changed immediately because it was closed by the same stone gate.
"Break the cycle" Fante backhand refers to a shocking three fingers, and the last move suddenly issued with his own understanding of artistic conception and the most powerful force and field hit Shimen.
There was a violent shaking in the rumbling Shimen, and the whole passage shook, but the Shimen was unscathed, even if the surface was broken, it had no effect. Fante knew that there was no absolute method to break the Shimen in the boundary tomb, which was the gap at each level.
On how unwilling Fant had to go back to the tunnel to find a way to deal with these black fog, which had buried half of the tunnel at this time, Fant launched a magical attack
Gorgeous magic enters the black fog, but it is like a meat bag hitting a dog, even if it is quarrelsome. "These black fog are as powerful as the ability of men in black," Fant thought in his heart
Although the speed was not fast, the black fog soon buried everything and left Fant a breathing space. Fant closed his eyes like an old monk, but the field spread like a huge gauze curtain
The field can be described as the peak of the saints, and the weapon is also a mystery that scares many martial artists. Now this field has shown defeat in the face of black fog
"What’s the matter?" Fant found that a wisp of black fog appeared in his own world in the field, and gradually, more and more black fog was controlled by Fant
This is the first time that he encountered the problem of restraint of law after he understood the field. Rao Fant also had to contract his pupils and his face changed greatly, but the black fog had no pity, like a living invader slowly entering Fant’s body
Entering Fant along the skin is impossible to prevent, such as provoking quarrelling and defending the field, but it is also futile. Gradually, the black fog seems to adapt to the massive invasion of Fant’s field, and the original slight resistance has become.
Fant never thought that he would encounter such a desperate situation, but even so, he could look at the ocean and watch the black fog slowly invade and completely surround himself.
"Enjoy it slowly." The men in black hit the gate on the second floor and watched the black fog gather together, while there was a man around them, whose eyes were like the dead, and the action machinery seemed to be under the control of the men in black.
If Zhang Tao at this time this is bound to be a big surprise because he knows this person! He is the owner of Qingfeng Pavilion! I didn’t expect that day when the wind went crazy and ran out, I became a puppet in black. If the elders or Wanbaozhai people knew what had happened in those years, they would inevitably doubt what had happened in those years, so as to completely lift the hostility with Qingfeng Pavilion. Unfortunately, it is hard to find here, and even Fante would be hard to find if it were not for the men in black to lead the way.
"ah!" Fant screamed like a wild animal. He roared and struggled, but the black fog slowly entered his body. The black man smiled gently and said to the side that he was completely unconscious. "Did you and the Wanbaozhai people encounter the same situation when they entered here? If the Wanbaozhai people hadn’t desperately let you go out, you might not have lived to this day. Unfortunately, he has become a black fog food, and you are doomed to escape your destiny, just like this struggle in front of you. "
The words of the men in black can be said to have solved the puzzle of Wan Baozhai and Qingfeng Pavilion for many years. Unfortunately, this truth is not known. Slowly, the black fog has disappeared, but Fante is kneeling and twitching slightly all over.
"Taste like? Aren’t you going to kill me? Now give you this chance. If you can defeat the people around me, then I will try to let you take revenge, "said the man in black, but his eyes are full of smiles of success."
Perhaps revenge woke Fant up and gave him absolute power. He gradually looked up at the man in black. "What the hell is this place?"
"Don’t hide your intention to kill yourself and release them crazily, you will feel relaxed, because if you resist, you will eventually be swallowed." The black dress person did not answer Fant’s question, but seduced Fant by falling into the well.
Otherwise, Fant’s eyes # # # now struggle can shake Fant’s will, and it is conceivable how severe and inhuman pain he is enduring.
"Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll take your life." Fant doesn’t know what he did. He actually got up and restored his old style, but the eyes of the men in black were full of disdain. "It’s just a matter of drinking poison to quench thirst. You can beat him and kill me in such a short time, but it’s just a matter of shortening the time when you are completely controlled."
"In those days, the people in Wanbaozhai were like this, and now you are doomed." As soon as the black dress person’s voice fell, Fant didn’t say much nonsense but rushed away.
However, the eyes of men in black are full of smiles. At the same time, four people, such as Zhang Tao and Yue Hua Spring, lurk aside. Yue Hua is like jumping and reincarnation. The sparkling spring water is rippling, and the stone wall in the distance bearing the silvery brilliance is as beautiful as a bubble.
At this time, Long Yun suddenly said "coming" less. Seeing that Dugujian was walking in the night in the distance, it was like a night owl. It was not Long Yun who spoke less and even a few people were hard to find.
I have to make a great contribution to Ye Weiying’s eyeliner. Although Liu Jiang made a fuss about it, Ye Weiying personally spoke out to reconcile and secretly left Jiangcheng with Yuan Minghao.
Suddenly disappeared this time, even if his four giants didn’t find a body double because of Ye Weiying! This person is similar to Ye Weiying in seven points. He usually lives in a secret room, but he imitates Ye Weiying’s words and deeds all day long. Although boring, he is also aware of the so-called training for a thousand days. This body double finally has the opportunity.
However, because Ye Weiying and Yuan Minghao are both hidden identities, Tiantong mirror and eyeliner secret liaison offices, they have also encountered many oolong incidents along the way. Although most of them were flooded into the Longwang Temple, they caused great damage.
Long Yun’s personality is less weird and difficult to grasp. Because the influence of Yimeng is too wide, suddenly a few strange faces will be suspected. The original Zhang Tao also doesn’t want to startle him. He wants to take the Ministry. After all, JIU ge’s forces are still abroad. Although most of them have retreated to Honghao, they can also destroy the building.
But I didn’t expect Long Yun to be so tough and directly kill them one by one, which made Ye Weiying and Yuan Minghao very dissatisfied. Finally, Zhang Tao spoke out to reconcile if it caused too much fluctuation here, even if it can be said that Dugujian even the Yimeng Department would not be angry in the future.