Ye Han couldn’t help rejoicing at the thought of this. If this method is really effective, wouldn’t it not only help Ye Rou heal, but also discover jade?

"What about us?" The key to the method is to use it properly, but now it is mainly two people who want to implement this method. Ye Han can’t wait to see the results ~
[83] [Combination of Yin and Yang]
It’s almost late at night, and the evening breeze is slowly drifting over Xingyuan City. Almost all the people have closed their doors to rest, and only some people have stopped all activities and have a rest before going to bed.
Ye’s family has just held an unusually large wedding. At this moment, all the family members have enjoyed themselves and are tired. Most of them have gone back to their rooms to rest, but some night watchmans have been left behind in every corner of the family.
Lengling is very happy today. Although some unpleasant things happened, she didn’t make her happy. Naturally, it became a process that was not a beautiful love.
Yes, Ye Han should be angry if she marries someone else, but she didn’t do that because she knew that Ye Han and Ye Rou loved each other deeply, and at the same time, they had a deep relationship, even God intended to be them.
Mrs. Lengling chose to hand over the wedding night to Ye Han. Although she wanted to help Ye Han solve the mystery of combining yin and yang, she also knew that today belonged to Ye Han and Ye Rou. She didn’t do this.
A person is sitting in a corner of the leaf house, staring at the sky in front of the window, staring at the bright moon, looking at the angel’s feelings and cutting the stars, looking at the direction of another courtyard not far from the window.
In another courtyard outside the window, there is a man she loves deeply, but at this time, that man is with another woman. Although she doesn’t mind these things, she still has some bad feelings in her heart.
"Cold son, today is your wedding day. I don’t want to disturb you. Just take advantage of tonight to get along with Rou Er’s sister!"
After a long time, Lengling got up and said goodbye to the stars by opening the window. The bright moon came to the bed and sat down to practice pranayama.
At the same time, the middle leaf cold in another room in the courtyard outside the window has also solved the mystery of the combination of yin and yang, and is preparing to exhale his body cold spirit, and the jade leaf soft body is combined together.
Ye Han didn’t hesitate, Ye Rou didn’t hesitate, and the two of them didn’t make eyes on sitting in the same bed. There was empathy, and the two hearts were implicated with the help of two pieces of jade.
Ye Han didn’t open his eyes until the cold jade appeared on his head, but Ye Rou didn’t do so. At the same time, she kept an eye on Ye Han.
This is not because she is worried that Ye Han will do something bad to her, but in fact, she really wants to see Ye Han more, even if it is a glance, because she has never been the same since ancient times. What they have to do today is to violate the laws of nature, although they have gained something, they also have a method to estimate’ loss’
It is natural that there will be gains and losses. Nowadays, the’ gains’ she faces are to relieve physical pain and be a normal woman, but she is more vain and may lose more.
It is fortunate to succeed against the laws of nature, but if you fail, the consequences you will face may be death. This is not only the fact that Ye Rou is awake and white, but even Ye Han is no exception. Although he is bent on helping Ye Rou, he is also extremely worried.
He is worried that it may not be himself but Ye Rou, but he knows that there is no difference between the two sides in this situation. If he fails, he will face the bitter consequences.
Ye Rou is not afraid of death, so she was already a dying man before, and Ye Han was not afraid of death. She loved to die, but Ye Rou did not want Ye Han to die by herself, and Ye Han was bound to make every effort to save Ye Rou.
It’s not a fight, but it’s also a fight. It’s fate to fight. Although fate has given them the luck that others dream of, it has also given them the pain of disaster. Fighting against fate is not a real fight, but it is even more cruel than real fighting!
"Are you ready?" Ye Han, who hasn’t opened his eyes for a long time, has inadvertently opened his eyes at the moment. When he is about to face unknown dangers, Ye Han also has the same idea of Ye Rou, that is, it is enough to look at each other even once.
Fate plays tricks on people. Ye Han doesn’t want to be a hero. He wants to live happily with his lover, but fate won’t let him do so. What he has to face is an unprecedented disaster. He has no choice but to retreat.
Ye rou nodded his head and shared the same fate as Ye Han. Now she can choose to take risks, even if she will die in one second, but she can choose to take risks.
Ye Han is well prepared, but he is still worried at the moment. He will be able to relieve Ye Ruan’s pain after the wedding ceremony, but this is not the case. The most important thing to save her is to ask her to take risks together.
Close your eyes again. Ye Hanti’s star cold tactic is running rapidly. After the torture of breaking the meridians before, he has been able to run the star cold tactic in reverse. But at the moment, he is very careful, not to mention that retrograde is anterograde, and he dare not be careless.
Leaf soft stare at Ye Han will soon be able to close my eyes and run the phlogistic achievement method with all my heart to cooperate with Ye Han’s every move, just like when she was preparing to cooperate with Ye Han to complete the bridal chamber.
However, before, she was full of joy, but at the moment, she is not so happy when facing death, but she still has that kind of * * which is obviously the desire to survive.
She can’t die, maybe she can’t let Ye Han die, so that kind of desire for survival is not what she produces, but Ye Han knows that if she dies, Ye Han will certainly not want to live alone, but she is still willing to watch Ye Han live well.
I shook my head gently, and Ye Rou felt that I thought too much. Now everything has not happened. How can I think of this? This idea is very unlucky, so she can force herself not to think too much.
After a calm mind, Ye Rou is also careful to operate the center method, which touches and directs the jade with inflammation spirit that is pulled out from his own body to find a way through spiritual connection. Ye Han, the jade will slowly approach and approach again …
As the two pieces of jade approached, they both felt a strong sense of rejection from each other’s jade, which obviously corresponds to the natural law that inflammation and cold do not phase.
Everything in nature has its own combination, and at the same time, it also has its own repulsion, and Yan Han and two jade pieces want to be combined, but it’s a pity that they are mutually exclusive after all.