Early the next morning, Zhang Junjie called. There was an old rival in West Street who seemed very dissatisfied with his expansion and threatened to give him some color to see if he asked Zhuo Qiang if he would give each other a head-on blow.

Zhuo Qiang knows what he means. At this time, the shaky strength is not enough to give the other party a head-on blow. This job will definitely fall to Zhuo Qiang. Because several people around Zhuo Qiang, Zhang Junjie also saw it with his own eyes, which seems to be unusual.
At this point, Zhuo Qiang had expected that Zhang Junjie would offend many people at the same time, and no one wanted to be dug in the corner or watch a new force rise.
"Where do you sign up for the home office?" Zhuo Qiang needs these points, and he can do everything without worrying about himself.
"Xu Huaili lives in Xindaxin nightclub, the home of Xiaogaozhuang in the south of the city." Zhang Junjie still knows the enemy very well.
"When do you want him to lose something?" For the organization means ZhuoJiang don’t want to support Zhang Junjie.
Zhang Junjie words considered a said "the sooner the better, or tonight? Ask him to have a leg, so that he will definitely quit Nanxi. There is no need to kill them all. "Zhang Junjie’s young methods are not too hard.
"You can do whatever you say, but you have to think about it. Don’t let him live and have a chance to get back at you!" Zhuojiang woke up.
"Life is still a matter of giving him a profound lesson." Zhang Junjie thought twice and insisted on not killing people.
Zhuo Qiang promised, "Well, make sure he becomes a one-legged fairy before twelve o’clock tonight!"
Hang up the Zhang Junjie dialect. Zhuo Qiang contacted Wang Dapeng and asked him when the money would be ready. Wang Dapeng said that he would get to Nanxi for a transaction one day or the day after tomorrow.
When Ji confirmed the transaction, Zhuo Qiang would have nothing to do. He thought about it and called Jing Tian to ask how her mother was recovering now.
Jing Tian was very happy to hear from him, except for the first restaurant dinner, which seemed to be the first time he called to say that her mother was recovering well, except that her head was a little sore where Ye Chuchu hit her, but she was still a little weak.
In the words, she said that she remembered that her father said that Zhuo Qiang would be invited to her house after her mother was discharged from the hospital these two days, and he would join us if necessary.
Zhuo Qiang promised to come and hung up.
There are many things to do these two days, so it is impossible to go to sea. The main thing is that Zhang Junjie must be arranged.
If you kill Hu Yonghua at will, you will definitely go to another boss. Because of Zhuo Qiang’s strong future development, the forces of Nanxi will collide sooner or later. Only by going to Zhang Junjie can we solve the constraints of Nanxi’s organization once and for all.
Zhuo Qiang risked being assassinated again by Hu Yonghua and wanted Zhang Junjie to get the most basic forces first.
And after the gunman sent by Hu Yonghua is killed, he will definitely reassess his strength and will not come to deal with himself before finding out his details.
Zhang Junjie’s current strength is still very weak compared with Hu Yonghua’s giants, but with the help of Zhuo Qiang, its strength will be strengthened several times.
Just as tonight’s action overturns a stumbling block, his leaders, big and small, have to think about the consequences of doing the right thing with Zhang Junjie.
Compared with dozens of people fighting for hundreds of people, this will cause less loss and the least confusion to Nanxi public security, which will not easily attract too much attention from the government.
"Eldest brother, more than 100 brothers Xu Huaili and Nanxi have also been rampant for seven years. It is not easy for these forty brothers to compete with him!"
A hotel has six or seven young people with different looks sitting around a table. A young man frowned and said to Zhang Junjie sitting next to him
Several of his young people are also frowning, but Xu Huaili’s roots are deep, and Zhang Junjie’s young and energetic people are good, but they can’t take advantage of being weak.
Zhang Junjie smiled and said, "After today, there will be no more Xu Huaili in Nanxi. He may want to retire or he may be afraid of me. He has been in Zhang Junjie for 12 o’clock tonight, and his Xu Huaili career will end!"
He hit the dining table in front of him with one punch, which made the dishes jump around.
"All with me to the boss he learned the lesson is the lightest! Who dares to stand in my way again? No one can leave Nanxi alive! "
With a sneer at his mouth, he added, "Don’t you know that the weather is going to change in Nanxi?"
The weather changed? There’s a chill in these people’s hearts. Zhang Junjie won’t have that plan?
Hu Yonghua is now in full swing. Although I got wind that Mr. Saizhugebei’s disappearance has been following him around, it has caused a lot of suspicion. But Hu Yonghua’s business for many years is booming. Is it that the bottom gangsters like Zhang Junjie can compete? !
These young people, Zhang Junjie’s best friends, all sniffed out what adventures he might have had or who helped him from the sudden changes in Zhang Junjie these days. Otherwise, how could he suddenly become so generous and rich?
But even so, what can you do? How much money can he have and how much money does Hu Yonghua have? How many brothers does he have? And how many brothers does Hu Yonghua have? Can’t be compared!
Don’t say don’t say for now, this Xu Huaiguo is not something that Zhang Junjie can handle. After what Zhang Junjie said, letting Xu Huaili get out of Nanxi tonight may be because he is angry and shouting.
Zhang Junjie still believes in Zhuo Qiang’s words. Because Zhuo Qiang gave himself too many surprises, he turned out to be poorer than himself. Now he has tens of millions of income and a small amount of valuable goods. This possibility may also go black.
Because Zhang Junjie is not a good young man who loves the Internet, he doesn’t know that the Internet has been robbed of agarwood until now. If he knew that it was the black goods of the robbed merchant ship, he would be even more impressed with Zhuo Qiang.
The fact that a good man has always been a pirate surprised him more than the news that the president of the United States is a gay friends.