"Pawn" Yan Liang’s long breath is still cheated.

The two geniuses here didn’t calculate that the man behind the scenes was cheated.
Xiao Li was frustrated, and it is conceivable that so many people were damaged in this forest by fighting with Xiao Ting’s wheel and wheel, and finally they got a pile of stones.
Weiyuan’s face is also not good, although he tries his best to suppress it, but his body is cold.
Seeing his one eye, Yan Liang doesn’t know what to say, and he has gained a new appreciation of his opponent’s strength and essence, which is really extraordinary.
It is not easy to deal with him, but it is very difficult.
Dozens of cars are full of stones, but they didn’t find them all along the way.
Weiyuan agent would not have sent the news back if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. He must have seen silver, but now it has turned into a stone. No one found out which step went wrong
It’s confusing and weird to go unnoticed.
What’s more, if there is no definite evidence that these dozens of cars are full of silver, Xiao Li won’t make a big team to rob money.
And Xiaoli and Weiyuan actually didn’t find that they were transferred to a higher package.
"It’s the first time that both of you are on the road. Maybe there will be a second time and a third time. It’s not good to be angry with yourself." Looking at Weiyuan Yan Liang is a light comfort, although it’s not sincere, but it’s just a kind word.
Weiyuan looked at her, his eyes were all latosolic red for so many years. Although the investigation didn’t yield much, at least he hadn’t suffered a big loss. This is the first time.
Raise my hand and pat Yan Liang on his arm cloth. His muscles are tense as if they were stones. 11. Fate depends on death
Dozens of cars of stones were thrown into the forest, and the white and miserable colors looked full of irony.
Hundreds of people gathered around and there was no sound, because these dozens of cars and stones consumed a lot of energy and several people died. It is really a joke to think about it now.
However, even if it is a joke, no one dares to say anything. Both owners are angry, and they are more angry than everyone else.
The hapless prisoner was tied up, and he couldn’t even commit suicide.
Xiao Li vented all his anger, and he could hear him growling from a distance.
I never knew Xiao Li’s voice was so loud, and he lost his temper so much that it was not like he didn’t grab the money.
Even if he didn’t grab the money, so many people died in Xiao Ting’s hands. Isn’t it more worthy of his heart?
Yan Liang was puzzled that Xiaoli was so angry that there should be another reason.
"Wei Yuan, is it strange that you listen to Xiao Li so angry?" Weiyuan sat alone in a cool and low way
Weiyuan’s face is very bad. He needs to see his face. His hair is scattered on his shoulders and his hair is sending out air conditioning.
"Maybe he has a hidden vendetta," just like the two of them. It’s a hidden secret.
"It’s really possible that he seemed to want to say it in the early morning, but he was interrupted. Now think about it. If he said it, there might be unexpected gains." Listen, Xiaoli growled and Yan Liang’s story is not unique to everyone.
"It’s very strange to meet him here, and it’s really impossible for him to rob money in person." Although Weiyuan is still angry, his brain is still not as clear as Xiaoli’s. After listening, he has been attacked by anger
"I’ll ask him." Yan Liang got up and tried to stop him from ranting endlessly. Obviously, the disposal division can’t say anything and would rather die than say another word like all those mysterious people.
Weiyuan didn’t stop Xiaoli’s secret. He was really interested in knowing it.
It just so happens that he is angry now, so maybe he will tell the truth.
Yan Liangju walked towards Xiaoli’s place, although they were more than a hundred meters apart, but they couldn’t stop his roar.