"Gene mutation? What white people, yellow people, black people, these races will have gene mutations at the same time? Where there is such a coincidence "

"Don’t give me any human migration saying that even if white people live in black people’s places, they will live for another million years, or black people will marry and they will never become black people."
"How do humans migrate? How can they cross the ocean when there are continents separated from Qian Shan by thousands of waters in ancient times? Continental plate changes? How long ago was that? "
"The emergence of real human beings is an accidental phenomenon, and this accidental phenomenon is naturally inseparable from the operation of some high-tech outsiders."
"These exercises are done more than once."
"The first time was genetic modification, and the second time brought you the real text."
"Think about how many unsolved mysteries you had in ancient times. What are these?"
"Take your Chinese medicine for example, how did you get acupuncture? It is impossible for doctors in Daxia to dissect, even if they dissect, they will not find acupuncture points everywhere? "
"It is impossible for a person to find out the acupoints of the human body after a lifetime or a hundred generations. Isn’t that the truth if you think about it carefully?"
"Don’t want a person to stick needles all over the body all day? Will he stab himself? What should I treat if I prick it? It depends on what effect, but how long will it take to see this effect? It is possible to tie the same place every day for several months before you can feel the problem. Can they try out 10 million stitches in so many places? "
Zhuo Qiang was surprised to find that some things are true. Are there real aliens in human beings?
In fact, there are many things that are not as good as each generation, which may also be caused by this reason.
"Actually, I guess the origin of human beings is probably made by those who searched and rescued me."
Christie waved her thick arm and said, "I didn’t expect the land to sink to the bottom of the sea because of the earthquake. Otherwise, my spaceship might have discovered that they couldn’t do it. I’m going to see if the rescuers have arrived."
Zhuo Qiang has a big nod. Who will save her after more than one million years?
"Well, we’ll talk about it when we have a chance. You can look for it slowly after we have a chance to get to the surface." Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect to find a * *
"It’s a pity that your ship has energy, but it’s too little at most, that is, it can give me what the spacecraft needs to maintain its life inside. If you want to start returning, you can’t even think about it." Christie sighed
Zhuo Qiang can’t help but feel cold again. This Long Yun has 50,000 points of energy, but she actually said that this energy is enough for her spaceship life. What kind of ship is this? Incredibly so energetic.
But that’s a great thing. What if Christie really takes a fancy to Long Yun’s energy? Still not giving it to her?
Of course, he doesn’t want to give her his hard-earned energy, but if he doesn’t give it to her, will she do something bad in anger?
Although her spaceship is now in a state of prostration, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Maybe she can take it out casually as a high-end weapon and make herself and the Dragon Cloud disappear.
Zhuo Qiang couldn’t help complaining about Zeng Guomin. Why did he invite such a statue of God to the Long Yun?
It’s easier to ask God than to send God. Christie is no ordinary god. In her eyes, it’s absolutely supernatural.
"Excuse me, Mr. Zhuo, do you have anything to eat on this boat?" Christie suddenly asked
Zhuo Qiang, I just want to come. Whether you are a three-pole human or a thirty-monster, you need to eat. The question is, how can Christie eat without a mouth?
Zhuo Qiang can’t help laughing at this question. Does Christie have two eyes whether she looks at things or breathes and eats?
If that’s the case, her eyes are the most functional.
Christie saw Zhuo trying not to talk, but she was a little annoyed. "Do you really want to laugh? Then you laugh out loud. "
Zhuoqiang hurriedly waved Ye Chuchu to cook a delicious meal to entertain this alien beauty.
It is this beautiful woman who looks a little different.
"Mr. Zhuo, where is your dressing room? I’m going to take off my clothes and relax again." Christie asked Zhuo Qiang
Strip? Is she going to eat naked?
Zhuo Qiangke is interested in female creatures like her.
I looked at her body and couldn’t understand what type of clothes she was wearing.
Zhuo Qiang asked Ye Chuchu to take her to the room to change clothes when she went to the kitchen.
After she left, Zhuo couldn’t help but teach Zeng Guomin a lesson. "Look at what you brought him. Don’t you know that women are very troublesome? And this is an alien woman with more troubles than human women. "
Zeng Guomin replied naively, "When I was in the cave, she told me that if I didn’t bring her, she would start her boat button and clear all my program departments."
"It seems that this guy is by no means good." Zhuojiang shook his head.